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Jump to navigationJump to search first appeared on December 7, 1993 on the internet browser called Mosaic. There were over three hundred reports from parents that day about their kids coming to them and screaming something about a cat, only for the parents to walk to the computer and find nothing. These reports continued for years, and in 1996, it was finally discovered what all those kids in the reports were screaming about when a dad walked in on his daughter while she was still on the website. The dad saw this: a blue striped background with a brown speckled bottom. To the left was a gray text box and to the right, a two-dimensional cartoony cat with yellow fur and blue eyes who was very tall, stretching from the brown space to almost the top of the screen. The dad's daughter would type something into the gray text box and the cat on-screen would start to move its mouth and a female electronic voice would sound, replying to whatever the daughter typed in. Eventually, the electronic female voice started to say "You shouldn't ask me that!" over and over, getting angrier as the daughter kept putting in questions that apparently angered it. The expression of the cartoony cat grew enraged. The electronic voice then screamed "YOU SHOULDN'T ASK ME THAT!" extremely loud. A high pitched sound played afterwards, which cracked the computer screen. The dad grabbed his daughter, who was now screaming and covering her ears, and ran out of the room. When the noise stopped, the dad walked back into the room and looked at the computer screen. It was broken and glitchy, but the dad could still read the URL bar. It read, "". When Mosaic shut down in 1997, went down with it. The website was never seen on any search engine other than Mosaic, and even with the Wayback Machine, the website still couldn't be accessed. The real website in its entirety was never seen again after that.

Credited to TheDinosaurKing777 

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