Attack of the Teletubbies

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here cumz de son, do doo dooo

It was a beautiful night, in the suburbs of Detroit. The houses were on fire (on the inside), and there was violence everywhere. Everyone was doing drugs; drugs are bad, m'kay?

Well, as the terror, and drug/alcohol consumption continued. The sun came up. It wasn't no ordinary sun, either. It was the baby sun, from the Teletubbies. It screamed, with a vengeance, "OI U CHEEKY CUNTS! U WANNA WRECK SHIT UP! I'LL WRECK YOUR SHIT UP!" Then, out of nowhere, a house exploded. It wasn't just some random occurrence, either. It was Tinky Winky, with a bazooka. These teletubbies weren't cute and friendly. They were full on pissed. They seemed that they were ready to rip off someone's head off.

When the people that resided in Detroit, seen the Teletubbies come charging at them like a Rhino who was mad that he can't get a fruit for his long neck, they decided to get the fuck out of Detroit! But, they cannot run from the Teletubbies. Mario and Luigi, just out of nowhere, started dancing. Star Fox did a barrel roll. But, getting back to the story. The evil teletubbies were just fucking pissed. I mean, fuming. They started killing each other one by one, and ruining childhoods for little children everywhere.

They were fucking shit up, man. It was not a pretty sight. They were doing this shit all from dusk till dawn. When the cranky ass baby sun came down, they went home. The suburbs of Detroit were a much better condition now.

When the sun came back, John Lennon and George Harrison was resurrected back to life, and The Beatles were brought back together, and they started singing "Here Comes the Sun". Then, they started fucking up more shit; making Detroit a better place to live.

Written by Fatal Disease
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