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Something magical, but twisted, happened to me.

While smoking weed and eating shrooms with my best friend, we heard a loud noise come from my backyard. We were too stoned to know what was going on, so we ignored it. Then we randomly went to our backyard to get more of our supplies, and there it was. It was a spaceship. Then a tiny space dude came out of the ship. It said this:

"Ayy lmao"

We were so stoked about this little dude that we went backwards and said "woaaaah." It mimicked our reaction. I asked the dude the question.

"So... where are you from, little gray dude?"

"I am the ayylien from lmao. I have cousins"

Then more gray dudes came down from the spaceship, and greeted us with "ayy lmao."

"So, why you dudes come here on earth?"

"We cum here for 69.96 dollars of it weed, lmao," they said.

"Why buy it, when you can smoke it, duuuuueeed." My friend said.

Then the gray dudes said "duueeeed."

Then my friend said "dueeeed" again.

It was a never-ending "dueeed" fest until the ayyliens picked up the grass.

Then that's where the party happens.

It was so bad of a party that Cheech and Chong appeared to join on our grass smoking party.

"Duueed... since when did our gardeners smoke grass?"

"I dunno dude!"

Then all of the supply just disappeared. We smoked all of it, it seemed...

But so were the ayyliens...

After coming out of our high and Cheech and Ching leaving, we heard a little "ayy lmao." from the horizon.

Written by Fatal Disease
Content is available under CC BY-SA
Title created by SOMEGUY123

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