Azumanga Daioh the Hentai Animation 666 Gaiden: The Hottest ASS in The Seven Seas

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It was the year 2009. I was in middle school and wanted to jack my barely pubescent wiener to something. Going on SWFchan on my terrible Dell Windows XP computer, I find this Azumanga Daioh hentai flash game, and decide to download a version of it. I see that it is for some reason called "AZUMANGADAIOH666DONTPLAY.SWF". "Seems legit", I think to myself. Boy, was I wrong.

Opening it, it was just the usual. There is my character, delivering the dong unto Sakaki. I changed the speed so that the "excitement" meter finishes quicker, to trigger the orgasm animation. Instead, the moment it finished, it just suddenly went back to 0% like nothing happened. I tried again, and it worked the second time. Problem was, the orgasm animation wasn't triggered. It flashed an image of a dead goat, and then changed to a side scroller. The title screen said "Warship Sanan", and I was so scared that I shit myself, excrement pouring out of my chocolate starfish, a deluge of miasma exploding out from beneath my cheeks.

After I brought myself together and changed my pants, I decided to push on, in spite of what happened. The curiosity was too much, and I decided to click "play". In it, I played as Sakaki. A cat walks up to me, and introduces the story. "Welcome to Sheol", said the cat. "Enjoy your stay."

My inventory had a dildo, a knife, and a copy of the Da Vinci Code, and there was a 69 second time limit.

It was at that point I decided to walk to my left, and open a door. In it, I met the first boss, the Pseudogod Voluspa Unclitoris, who's a giant vagina. "That was quick", I thought to myself. I brandished the knife from my inventory, and attacked the boss, to no avail. He killed me with one hit, then the screen started flashing black and red, and at the end the words "YOU'RE ASS IS ALL MINE NOW!!!!" came up, and my browser crashed.

I decide to open it up again, and I'm greeted by the side scroller again, instead of the hentai game. So, I click "play", but I instead go to the right, and am greeted by a wet puddle of semen. Walking on it is no good, as each time, Sakaki dies and the same thing happens. The "YOU'RE ASS" thing comes up, and my browser crashes again. Nowhere to go, and the time limit reaching zero, I see basically the same thing. Screen flashes, but instead of saying "YOU'RE ASS IS ALL MINE NOW!!!!", it says "PEPPER YOUR ANGUS!"

Then, I return to the hentai game. But there are more options than just speed. There's "Die", "Ass", and "Chit". I clicked on "Die", and then it cuts to Sakaki being beheaded, and orgasming as her head gets cut off, and then it says in red text "You're mom will die tonite, Matthew :)"

HOW DID IT KNOW MY NAME? I wanted to go outside to get my mind off it, but decided to stay. It goes back to the title screen, and I decide to click on "Ass". Then, everything stops. The penis disappears, and all that's left is Sakaki, naked, bent on all fours. She looks back, and then I return suddenly to the side scroller game. I go to the right, once again, but there's no cum puddle. I move to the next room over, and the cat from the beginning walks over and asks "You're fate has been met badly, or not? Time for final chaptre :)" At that point, it suddenly switches back to the hentai game. This time, all the options are gone except for "Chit". I decided to click on "Chit"... a decision I severely regret.

This time, it switches to Sakaki, naked still, but standing up. Here, I hear her actual voice actor, or at least someone who sounds like her. She holds up a sign that says "YOU ARE DED, MATTHEW!" and says "Well, you've reached a bad end, haven't you?" At that moment, I hear a scream from my mom's room upstairs, and see her, stabbed to death and battered. On the wall is written "I told yew :)"

And then a skeleton popped out and raped me to death with its bonecock.

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