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I was always a fan of B&B productions but I did have a weird experience with his channel. One day I was browsing YouTube until I got a notification telling me B&B productions has uploaded. But the thumbnail of the video was strange it just had his OC staring into my soul looking worried. And the title was called "My Depression" I clicked on the video out of curiosity. But when I clicked on the video it was just a loading screen for a couple of seconds until the video started. The video had clips of his other videos swapping very fast but they all had some kind of red static effect with the sound of someone knocking on wood. I could see what some of the clips were and knew what videos they were from. One was from his 3rd iceberg video, another one was from his worst bluey episodes video and the last one that I could figure out what video it was from was the beginning of his 50K subscriber special. There were some other clips but I could not find out what videos they were from.

The video was about B&B being very depressed but his voice sounded off like it was from other clips. He said that he wanted to make other content than bluey. "What? I thought B&B loved bluey!" I thought to myself. Then the video showed a disturbing picture of a blue heeler with Dark Energy from HL2 playing in the background. I sped up the video because I was still curious about the video but it just seemed too long and boring. The picture seemed to get more distorted the longer I watched and so did the music. Then the picture of the blue heeler got inverted and vanished but the music did not. The video then continued his rant about being depressed but then suddenly his OC had bloody eyes and was smiling demonically while staring at me then the video finished with a loud scream that almost made me jump out of my seat.

I forgot about this experience until now. I looked at his YouTube channel but the video was gone. I was really curious about the video so I decided to hunt him down on social media. It almost took a week but I found him on discord and I started talking with him. At first I wanted to enjoy this moment so I talked to him about our favorite Bluey episodes but then I remembered why I was really here. I asked him about the strange video that he uploaded he then said that there was a group of hackers on the internet going around YouTube hijacking random channels some of the hackers are innocent and just make some scary videos about the youtuber they hacked. While others were more dangerous and can make videos that hack your webcam and even find your address. Luckily the one I just watched was one of the videos made by the innocent hackers. After I found out the video was not made by him I found out that is why he sounded like they put clips together for his voice. Then I asked him if he is actually getting sick of Bluey. He told me that he has not lost interest in Bluey in response. Now that I got the answers for the questions I had I said goodbye and turned off my laptop in order to save power. Then I started to wonder about the more dangerous hackers and if I will get unlucky and watch one of those videos. I calmed myself down telling myself I probably won't. Though I know the video was not made by B&B Productions himself it still scares me but I still watch his videos.

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