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one day geno was baby sitting for a girl named Banana. She was 4. Anyways, the toilet was clogged, and boy did he have to pee! but if he went in the bathroom, the smell made him knock over, putting more pressure on his bladder. 

"yo geno why u holdin your pwivate pawts?" banana asked

"no reason" he said as a bit of pee dribbed out of him on the floor when he released his crotch.

he ran all over the house, pee dribbling ehind him, blushing. When he passed Banana's room, and her door was open. He did a double take then moonwalked over to the door and walked in. There, standing out with all the pink shit, was a pearly white ducky potty. 

"should I?" he asked himself.

"when you gotta go, you gotta go," he told himself as he sat on it.

Suddenly the door to the house opened. Since this was Geno's first time baby sitting, he asked help from Mario and Mallow.

"GEEEENO!!!! WE'RE HEEERE!" they shouted. 

When they didn't hear an immediate response, they looked all over the house. 

Then they looke in Banana's room.

"WTF ARE YOU DOING?" they shouted at him.

"i had to pee, and the toilet's clogged," he blushed.

He got up, the urine was scarily near the top. 


"oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit!" he panicked, causing some more pee to escape from him. Mario and Mallow giggled.

"IT ISNT FUNNY!!!!" he shrieked. This caused Banana to run up the stairs to her room.

When she arrived in her room, the smell of urine hit her nose like a brick.

"OOH!!!!! you made tinkles! im gonna tell mommy when she gets home!" and she ran off.


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