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I had been in this dark place. My eyes has turned into a white bar. I have been going mad and becoming a beast. Me and my friends where partying. Melco, Cirl, Mebt, and I. We all had medications for some reason, mine is unknown. I had needed to have it while I was there and I got a glass of water and swallowed the pill in whole. "S***" I thought. Someone switched it with some other drug and I was high. I was everywhere. Then I fell over. I saw rainbows and Cirl trying to hold me in place. I had had a huge fall and started to sleep. I awoke in this dark place. I was not sleeping, trust me. I had been able to breath and I did many reality checks. I looked and I saw huge bloches of color. I looked at my hands and saw they were all black with no fingers. "What the hell is going on?" then I saw another one. It was pink and I had never seen my eyes. It had a white bar as it and I started to walk to it. "Hello?" my voice sounded like a raidio. "Is that you Void?!" She ran to me. I hugged her. We started to kiss but he had no mouth. "Where are we?" I said. "I don't know" she said scared. Then I saw a little red thing, making a squishy noise. "Who are you? Where am I?" the red thing said. I had noticed that his voice was Mebt's. EVERYONE WHO IS READING THIS IT IS NOT DONE!!!!!!!!!!! SO DO NOT DELETE IT!

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