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CHAPTER 1: Websites

One day I was on my Computer finding games like Minecraft, Blockland, Roblox, Club Penguin, WeeW- ok enough. Then i found a site called I entered it and went to 3 sites up till this 4th site

1. DARKDAYS.peepee/redict.php

2. EVIL.US/evil.php

CHAPTER 2: u r scrwd

When i went into games the site was called

Then I found a game called BlockCraBlox. It kinda sounded like Blockland, Minecraft, and Roblox had a simese twin. So I clicked download (the computer is a Power Macintosh G4 PCI editon AKA Project Yikes! with Ethernet) for mac and I opened it and here is what happened

Chapter 3: antther swcrd

Then I heard a Loud Beap for 0.3 seconds then I heard 4 knocks on the door. I quickly ran over there and there was a blocklander that looked like a noob with a hammer on his hand sitting. He said: PlAyWiThMe YOU SON OF A ____ING JACK___ OR I WILL ____ UR ____. Then I saw him turn ___ and holding ___ while wearing a grinny face. Then he morphed into a minecrafter (or steve) still ___ and with ___ on him. Then the worst part, he made me vomit because he made me ____ him. Then after I was cured by anti ___ medicine, I heard another knock on the door. I did not bother going there. Then my begle dog named Jim turned into a demon and bit me. I screamed loudly then the dog became possessed and open the door. There was nothing at the door! Except when i looked down was a werid invisible blob. Then the blob formed a ghost girl. I was scared that I slammed the door shut and when on my pc laptop (a extra laptop just in case) and looked up on the Creepypasta wiki about it. It said that the sulotion was on the TrollPasta Wiki. So I went there and saw a post called HOW TO FIX BLOCKCRABLOX CURSE FROM XANA. Then It told me to go infornt of the blob and say THE POWER OF THXPOBIA COMPELS YOU! So I went to the blob and screamed THE POWER OF THXPOBIA COMPELS YOU! 3 times. Then the blob turned from a woman into the thx logo then after The Deep Note It exploded and blobs of ectoplasm splattered on my face, door and garden. Then its over. OH WAIT ANOTHER GHOST GIRL IN BACKYARD IS HAVING ___ WITH ME HELP ME GOD! (actully there is no help)


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