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Dph or benadryl is a Antihistamine but taken at high doses it's a deliriant a deliriant is a subclass of hallucinogens which can put you in psychosis dph after or at 500mg is when delirium starts I took this much last night about 20 25mg pills of benadryl I recommend no one try this the biggest dose I've taken is 875mg when I was about 13 or 14 I'm going to tell you my experience from last night and when I took 875mg I'm a member of a group of people called the 700 club a group of people who have taken 700 or more mg of dph this is my experiences so last night I took 20 pills I waited about a hour and a half and that's when it started I watched spiders crawl all around me and on me I didn't really care because I knew they where not real I watched as shadow people climbed my walls i sat and watched these things happen for awhile before I experienced what they call restless legs and had to pace I have adhd and schizophrenia so I'm use to being restless and having hallucinations but these are like no other after awhile of pacing I became paranoid but I'm used to being paranoid so I set my mind at ease I thought I was dying but I told myself I've gained a little weight since I was 13 or 14 I weigh about 180 to 190 I'm 5,10 and I told myself if I didn't die at 875mg I won't at 500mg after awhile of pacing I started hearing knocking I went downstairs and seen someone outside the door but when I went to open it no one was there it was night but I was expecting a friend with mushrooms to come over sometime I didn't find this weird at all I started pacing downstairs hearing voices and seeing hands trying to grab me I wasn't alarmed I just kept pacing I go back to the front door to see the figure is at the door again same thing I go over it disappeared I look outside and see someone messing with my mom's car and going inside it I didn't think this was strange I kept pacing trying to grab my phone but once I did it disappeared I realized I left it upstairs I continue to pace I see the figure at my door I go over and look it disappears I look outside the person is still at my moms car I feel like I'm out my body and disconnected with reality I pace more I go to pet one of my cats and she disappears I continue to see the figure at my door it starts knocking but when I go to it it disappears I see my mom i have a 20 minute conversation with my mom as I pace to only realize I'm home alone she disappeared and I hadn't even spoken a word out loud I'm pacing and watching snakes slither between my feet I don't care I'm not alarmed or worried I see the figure at my door and this time I realized it was my reflection I froze and it waved at me then walked away I look outside my mom's driver side door is open the person who was messing with it was staring at me in the street I live in a town of 200 people no one is ever outside this late but the person stares I stare back I walk away and go upstairs having to hold the guild rale for stability I go upstairs and I have a snow board hug on my wall I watch as the spiders run off it as it floats away from the wall and floats up and down I hear people break into my house they say things like we know your here where coming I hear them walk upstairs and I hear them come to my door they knock I sit for awhile the knocking is still happening I open it and it stops I go downstairs no one's there I wanted to listen to music but I just couldn't I wanted to play video games but I couldn't I just sat there talking to myself I watch worms stare at me I knew they where judging me I didn't care I close my eyes to try and sleep I close them and I'm in my room but everything is in different spots I open them and it's back to normal I feel floaty I grab my phone this time it was real I responded to text messages just to have people ask me what I was talking about those texts weren't real I had to bring my phone close to my face and squint to be able to read anything out the corner of my eyes I see people walking past me I still didnt care it all seemed normal I tried to close my eyes and finally darkness but there where shapes acting glitchy in the darkness I didn't care I sat there for awhile taking deep breaths forgetting to breath once in awhile I finally fell asleep I woke up hours later and I was fine I'm still fine as I write this I wasn't scared i knew I was tripping I also just thought it was a nightmare I have nightmares almost every night because of my medication I intend to take about 15 pills tonight if you want to hear the aftermath add my snapchat changeinnature I highly suggest no one try this people have died at 500mg and lower please do not attempt this is one of the worst hallucinogens you can ever do please do not attempt]

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