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Bibarel. We’ve all seen them, and anyone who says they haven’t thought of them as derpy at least once is a liar; Bibarel is practically the derp poster boy. Most people never change that opinion.

Then again, most people haven’t seen their true nature, nor what they’re capable of.

On two separate occasions, I have had to stand by helplessly as they tried to tear my beloved Kirlias’ throats out before I could escape. I saw one nearly crush my Bronzor, Tank- the Pokémon I needed to take on the Hearthome gym- with Rollout because I couldn’t escape in time. I watched as my Combee, Flora, threw herself into the Bibarel’s path to save Tank, and was subsequently smashed into an unrecognizable smear by a full-power Rollout.

Nobody sees the corpses dumped into the river for disposal, washed away into the ocean. Nobody sees the other native Pokémon trembling in constant fear - why do you think Bibarel and Bidoof are so abundant in most of Sinnoh? And nobody sees the Bibarel ganging up on young Pokémon- mere kids- for unknowingly wandering into their territory. But I have seen them.

Behind that facade of obfuscating stupidity lies a cold, calculated murderer. Sometimes I wonder if they don’t cultivate this image of stupidity, to lure trainers into a false sense of security. Sometimes I wonder if they aren’t merely territorial, but also sadistic.

No matter what, though, the images of my Kirlias being nearly killed - one rendered permanently mute - and of my Combee - she was just a child, god, only a child - being wiped from existence… those will never leave me. And the images of those eyes, and the cold rage that burns behind them… those will never leave me, either.

For any new trainers approaching Hearthome, please, remember this advice:

Avoid the Bibarel.

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