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February 31st, 1888

In the little american village of Dingle-Dipsy lived a little boy named Billy. As every other boy in the village, he was happy and good with the financial sitiuation in his family-they always had food, and they weren't poor. Billy showed me his village, and told me everything about him. He likes chocolate, candy, lambs and especially girls. I met his parents, and his two brothers - Fat Mark and Gideon. They gave me some food, tissues and water. But, Billy didn't tell me about something in the village - every night, at about 24:59, some creature would show up and just sit there, looking at the windows. If there isn't anything special in the house, the creature would go, like it's dissapointed, and sad, but, if it finds something interessting, it will start spitting out a white supstance, that would dry out in the morning. This has been going for 15 days in a row, and the creature's happy cries are waking me up every night... I don't know if it's a rabid dog, or some raccoon, but the white fluid is poisoning people who come in contact, or lick it.

Trevor McHiney

March 32nd, 1888

It's been almost a month since I got into the village. And that strange animal is doing it's ritual. The village mayor, Mr. Hogwash, wanted to investigate this. He set up a night guard of 5 men, that were patrolling the village. But, to our surprise, all of the men were poisoned! We don't know how that happened, but we needed to step our game to catch this illusive creature. So we did the unthinkable. Both of us ambushed the creature from behing, and stabbed it in the back. The creature screamed a scream, like it was saying: LEET!!!! LEET!!!!!!! The cry was so painful to hear, the mayor fell down. His eyes turned white. I called the village doctor, leaving him with the wounded creature. When I came back, the creature left, and the mayor was sprayed with the liquid that the creature always leaves. But, we saw something else. The creature wrote something on the ground with it's blood. The drawing said: 1337. We didn't know what that number meant, but the dripping blood lead us to the cave.

Trevor McHiney

April 31st, 1888

We have followed the monster to the nearest cave. On the cave, there were sticks, that looked like the numbers 1, 3, 3, and 7. 1337. We still didn't know what that number meant, but we managed to get in the cave(me and Billy, who said that he would like to help me). The cave enterance was pretty creepy: There were carcusses of humans everywhere. Inside the carcuses, there were still beating hearts, that weren't beating normally. They were beating, like a little voice was saying: Leet leet, leet leet. The word , , leet was too mysterious to us. Aldoh we have feared, we were still walking deeper and deeper in the cave. At the end of the cave, there wasn't much: Just the same carcusses as before, cobwebs, and lots of prickled vines. In the center of the chamber lied the creature. In the darkness, I couldn't see it, but it had a fat humanoid - like form. The creature saw us, and it started screaming: LEET, LEET, LEET, LEET!!!! It spewed the white supstance on my fiend Billy. Billies eyes turned white, and he fell. I was so angry, that I took a knife I had in my backpack, and shoved it into the creatures head. It screamed, and fell down. Seeing the creature is dead forever, I quickly took Billy and left the cave. We got back to the village, and he got the medical help he needed. The doctors said that he will be okay. I went into the room to speak with my good little friend, along with Fat Mark and Gideon. I asked him how he was. He just mumbled back. I asked me again, but, this time, he said something. Something, that I will always remember, something so creepy, that I then knew that I have lost my best little friend forever. And that word was: YOLO

Trevor McHiney

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