Bite of 83 what really happened

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5 days until party

After many preparations Freddy Pizza Hut was opened to the public after it was closed for a period because a kid shit on the floor it caused a janitor to quit,

A kid and his father went to the restaurant the father talked to the receptionist he said that little Timmy has no friends and he having a party on his own

Freddy look at him and said “wow you fat no wonder you have no friends” chika replied with “this show is called the loser kid with no friends” Timmy got sad and run to bathroom to cry but then purple guy come out and see him he said “ooh that was big shit and hello child now you fat I make not fat you will have friends follow me” he follows him to his secret room he throw in he died and he turn to ghost “haha” he said “hey why fat kid go” said Bonnie “ I done care for stupid kids with no friends” said Freddy “LITTLE JIMMY WHERE IS HE” said his fäther” I don’t care bye” said his father

4 days until party

At prize corner

Little girl playing games her name is cassdey she was having fun

And purple guy broke the window and said “I run over your dog with MY CAR””what!”Said grill “I mean he alive he in my secret room follow me “”oh boy”said girl and she was kill

3 days until party

Some crying brat started crying because he a bitch

Chica said “ what wrong” and she saw his face “oh god you ugly” she jumped window and got hit by a car and kid ran off

Meanwhile at trash wario was there and said”I want pizza” and broke in and sat down and purple guy run over a child I guess 2 days until party

The crying fucking baby was locked in a room to hopefully die and bother laughed and walk and he met his future self he said”don’t kill your böther” “Who the fuck are you” he said and he disappeared he unlocked the door and threw his böther across the room

Wario was still there a different show begin playing chica was replaced by a coffin

“Today we going to do chica funeral yesterday some kid was so ugly that she died remember don’t be ulgy”said Freddy and Bonnie “we all going to be in coffin children and you don’t know when” “Bonnie that fucked up” said Freddy “let throw this in the river “said Bonnie

And purple guy killed another kid who cares?

1 day until party

Nothing happened but purple man killed another child

0 days party

Everyone was there and wario for reason I thought it was funny to be him in.

The crying annoying fuck head was thrown to the near the stage

“Look like the little guy want to give Freddy a big kiss”said his bother

“No im kissing that ulgy piece of shit”said Freddy

“Wah wahhh”said crying cunt

“Shut the fuck up” said and bit his head

And Markiplier broke though the window and said “was that the bite of 87”

Matpat broke though the window and said”no dumbass it bite of 83”

And wario went up to Freddy and said “how did he taste”

“ he Taste like shit and I’m go to the bathroom and vomit for 10 minute”

And off he went

Michael Went up his bother”böther you ok I’m call hospital”

Off they went to the ambulance to hospital followed them slowly

Sad music plays

Finally reached the hospital room he opened the door slowly and shut it

Michal says “there anything you do doctor”

The doctor said with sad looks in his eyes“ no I’m afraid not”

“Böther I’m sorry I löve bother” “then why did you kill him threw across the fucking room”said wario “I didnt not” the hospital thing went beeeep he died “nooo böther” the doctor sighed and said”im sorry you own me 1 million dollars i hope you pay up”

Michael Run out wario went after he front door and transform into his true form wario went his it was jumbo Josh head on bowser body with a milk in his penis epic anime music plays while “you kill me böther”

“What the fuck” said wario and he kicked the milk and he went “oooooooooooo” and died and then wario took a big shit

Teh end

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