Blue Collar Men

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...Or in all situations, at any time, any place, and by any audience for that matter.

"Once upon a time, there once was a man and a woman"

"The man and a woman were best friends"

"They spent every single time together"

"One day, logic stopped working for everyone"

"The man started puking rainbows, and the woman forcibly grabbed the mans hand and they rode a rainbow that the man was already puking"

"Out of nowhere, in the background, Oingo Boingo's 'Wild Sex (In the Working Class' starts playing"

"They land on a cloud, where there was tons and tons of ice cream trucks" 

"And blue collar men, shirtless, worked. Out of nowhere, they started doing the YMCA dance"

"Then they started having sex, since 'Wild Sex' was playing"

"Awkward, the man and the woman went to one of the gagillion ice cream trucks that were there"

"Even though it was an ice cream truck, they still can't get away from the Blue Collar men"

"Because they also worked the ice cream trucks"

"Blue ice collars, if you will"

"Then, they left the area"

"Out of no where, the yellow brick road appeared"

"And Elton John started singing 'Candle in the Wind' and 'Saturday's Alright (For Fighting)"

"Larry the Cable guy came and said 'GET ER DONE'"

"John Travolta, 9/11 style, came from the skies in his airplanes, and kicked Larry The Cable Guy in the shins for stealing his lines from Carrie"

"Then everyone died"

The End

Written by Fatal Disease
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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