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So Christmas was near the corner and I bought my family every gift but my little cousin. She liked stuff like Dora and Max and ruby. But she liked and I say liked for a reason liked Bluey.

I wanted to buy her a DVD so I went online trying to find a DVD but couldn't find one until a price of mail came. I got it before my dog did and it was a Bluey DVD but It looked like a child draw it. It had four episodes

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

episode 6

I popped the disc for my cousin and made noodles. I ate my noodles until I heard a scream that sounded like my cousin. I checked into the living room and found her screaming on the floor. I looked up to see what happened and I saw the most Terrifying thing in my life. It was Bluey and bingo standing next to each other but what creep me out the most was their lack of mouths. They had black gaping holes as their eyes. I calmed my cousin down saying it was just a nightmare and she fell asleep on the front of the TV. I popped the disc out and put it in my laptop. Now Episode 6 had said "Episode 666" I watched it and it was the image from earlier with the intro reversed. It showed bluey and bingo playing in the backyard as their parents stand on the porch but the parents looked gloomy and sad then bandit said: "its such a shame". Then I heard screaming and chocking that sounded awfully real. It showed bluey and bingo with a gravestone saying "RIP MOMMY AND DADDY" and bingo and Bluey's faces had nothing on them. Then I saw bluey and bingo crying in the living room. Then, I saw the most disgusting thing ever in my life. Bingo was standing in her room with a stool and noose, she put the noose to her neck and kicked the stool. Next scene, Bluey walked in on bingo then screamed the most ear bleeding scream ever. Next, she cried that sounded like the actual voice after was crying. Then, a gravestone said "RIP BINGO". Finally, it showed bluey and bingo from the start but there was text in Finnish saying "Kuolema On Ainoa Vapautumme"

Two days later, forgot about the DVD, I was watching TV when a letter came and the letter said "Kuolema on ainoa vapautumme"

The end

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