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I have trouble sleeping at night, in fact, I rarely sleep at night. I spend my nights on the computer, reading this and that on the internet. Creepy stories, philosophy and psychology related documents, it interests me greatly. I stay awake all night, reading, or talking to friends on Facebook while drinking cups of tea. I like my tea. I gather my lost sleep during the day, like at school. I find that English is the easiest, or music class.

Last night I read this one particular story that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. It was titled, ‘the boogie man’. I thought that is sounded cliche`, but my curiosity bested me once more, so I decided to read, there wasn’t much else to do at 3:30 in the morning.

The story was pretty long, it took me an hour to get through it, but I am glad I read it, it was really well written. According to this, the boogie man comes when everyone but its victim are in a deep sleep. He walks around your house and gently taps on the window, trying to find which window is the one for your bedroom. He starts to tap louder and more violently as he gets closer to you.

The victim in the story I read was at her computer in her bedroom just surfing the internet, and she started to hear this tapping sound. She turns her head, looking around her room cautiously, but the tapping stops. She continues what she was doing, and the tapping starts up again, this time, a lot louder. A little paranoid, the victim stands up and walks to her bedroom door and makes sure that it is locked. She then walks towards her bedroom window to make sure that nothing can see or get inside.

Just as she was about to sit back in her chair by her computer, the tapping returns, this time it sounds like it is coming from within her room. Starting to freak out, she starts to search her room for the source of the noise. She checks in her closet, in the drawers of her desk, under the duna on her bed, and under her bed. As she lies on the floor, she sees two bright green eyes staring back at her. She screams and jumps up hitting her head on something hard. She falls to the ground. She struggles to roll over and she see a giant, furry creature, too tall for her room. It started to breathe heavily and leaned over her, studying her. It moves its hand and reaches down for her throat. He grips her by her throat and pulls her up, choking her. She claws on the giant hand around that is cutting off her airways and kicks and beats at the monster, but to no avail. Her face changes colours from red to blue to green and then to brown, the colour of the monster. As its grip tightens around her fragile neck, she goes limp, she stops flailing her arms and legs at it and the monster lets the limp body fall to the floor.

With a flash of bright light, the Boogie Man instantly vanished.

I turn my computer off as my eyes are starting to fail to stay open. Just as I am about to crawl into bed, I hear a tapping.

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Originally uploaded on May 5, 2012

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