Bowmo vs Obma

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Am Bowmo. Is ninja. From Okaalhomo. Meh Best frend was cayteecat on mincrft and i liked 2 play evry tiem. i made many frends and i made mor frends den obma came. thnx obma. wen obma furst came was leik "hai obma, am bowmo." he was just like "no. i dun like u." he takld me but i usd my ninja skils to deefeet him. and he was liek "i b bak, bby" and im liek "k bby" then latr he came back and took me by supriz and killded me. i am ded now. and am ghost ninja. isnt dat cool.

Am Bowmo. Is Ghost Ninja. From Okallhomo. Just remembr. obma comin 4 u. o look. he outside ur window rite now. i can see him cuz am ghost ninja.

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