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We all love Bugs Bunny, right? The happy, funny loveable bunny that made us laugh during our childhood is so iconic that we know everything about him, Well, here is something that your parents have never told you about him. It all started on a hot summer day. Daffy was walking to Bugs' house. When Daffy walked in his house he noticed that Bugs wanted some help to make carrots. After that happened. Bugs handed him a aleeping carrot.

Later, Daffy woke up in a strange room and looked around. Dead bodies was chop in half. Intestines were scattered everywhere and no bones or anything. Just intestines. Daffy couldn't say anything, his heart was beating fast, his eyes were searching around the whole room area. Bugs showed up and was holding a knife.

Bugs started to slice off Daffy's stomach and stabs him in the mouth. Daffy was coughing up blood, and vomit. Something else Bugs was doing, he turned on the lights and Daffy saw his friends. Heads cut off, bodies were hanging from sharp knives. Daffy started to cry some more. His breathing became more slower now. "Ready for the final one. Hahahahahaha". Bugs said. He lied the machine chair back and Daffy saw a machine. Bugs press the button and blood was splatted everywhere.

Then again, bugs opened up his stomach and took Daffy's guts and intestines out. Daffy laid there d.e.a.d. "there's my carrot." He ate his carrot, and Daffy was no more.

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