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Prologue - Butterflyunicorn Needs Help


Butterflyunicorn was sitting at her computer, writing a trollpasta as she drank some strawberry banana juice. Then she felt something land on her arm. She turned around, and it was a letter. Opening the letter, she quickly read what it said.

"We ArE tHe CrEePyPaStAs AnD wE wIlL tAkE oVeR tHe TrOlLpAsTa WiKi!!!!! -Signed, Axey"

Butterflyunicorn muttered "Wut?" before tossing the letter into the garbage bin. Suddenly, her computer screen started glowing brightly, and she was sucked inside, screaming "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" And suddenly she was inside the Trollpasta Wiki DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!

And that is where our story begins.....

Chapter 1 - Butterflyunicorn turns into a Mary Sue

Butterflyunicorn woke up sitting in her chair. "Phew!" she said, wiping the sweat off her forehead. "It was just a bad dream." She was about to click on Mozilla Firefox, however, she noticed a new browser in her taskbar. It was one named "HelpMeImInATrollpasta.exe", and it's icon was a demon awesome face. Curious, she clicked on it, and the program booted up.

The new program resembled Minecraft, but everything was black and red (besides Butterflyunicorn's character, who was Alex, BTW), and hyper-realistic blood was everywhere. "What the actual eff?" was the first thing that escaped Butterflyunicorn's lips as she looked around in the game. Suddenly, Herobrine, Hypno(chu), and another pichu holding a bloodstained axe appeared. Butterflyunicorn knew who that axe-holding pichu was; Axey, one of her old, shitty pokepasta characters. "We MeEt AgAiN, BuTtErFlYuNiCoRn......" hissed the pichu. "How did you get here?!" Butterflyunicorn snapped. "I thought you were wiped during that one time I had to wipe my hard drive!" "I eScApEd LiKe AnY cLIcHe Op CrEePyPaStA cHaRaCtErS...." Axey replied. "It Is TiMe FoR yOu To DiE!" screamed all three. Axey swung his axe at Alex, and her hand flew off as a low quality scream blasted out of Butterflyunicorn's speakers. Axey then continued swinging his axe at Alex, and HYPER-REALISTIC blood was flying everywhere. But then, Butterflyunicorn released she had SUPER-Powers, so she used her powers to turn into her FINAL FORM; SUPER AWESOME MARY BUTTERFLYUNICORN SUE! She then entered her computer and shouted "あなたは私の叙情的な力であなたを殺します!" and shot a magical anime light beam at Herobrine, Hypno(chu), and Axey, sending them blasting off again. She then shouted "超偉大なヒーリングパワーを活性化!" and healed Alex up to the point she was no longer dying. "Thank you!" cheered Alex. They then did an anime hug so KAWAIIIII!

Then a skeleton popped out and bumped up the trollpasta meter to 1000.

Chapter 2 - Butterflyunicorn Gets Trollpasta'd

Suddenly dank memes appeared everywhere. "RUN!!!!!!!!" screamed Alex. And then they started running. Weed was flying in their face. But it was BLOODY EVIL MURDEROUS WEED!!!!!!!!!!!! It ate Butterflyunicorn's head but she was able to use her OP cliche Mary Sue powers to regrow her head. Then an EVIL SNOOP DOG (I'll call him Snoop Dog.exe) appeared. He was missing his eyes and he was bleeding everywhere. He then said "You will die." in dankish and smoked some bloody evil murderous weed causing him to spew evil ghastly murderous flames out of his cigarette. It was going to hit Alex, but Butterflyunicorn deflected it. Then she jumped into a portal was teleported somewhere else.

She woke up in swirling vortex of evil. Sonic.exe was there, and was about to slaughter her cat, Stormy. Butterflyunicorn saw this and shouted "YOU WON'T HURT MY CAT!" She then screamed "あなたは私の猫を傷つけるのをやってみましょう!" and sent Sonic.exe flying into another dimension. As he flew into another dimension, Sonic.exe hissed "YoUr A bItChHhHhHhH....!" as he flew into the other dimension. Butterflyunicorn grabbed Stormy and ran off into another dimension with Alex.

Chapter 3 - Butterflyunicorn isn't in a Chapter

Meanwhile, several trollpastas (and creepypastas) were lining up to go to the war with the entire Trollpasta Wiki. "We FiGhT tO nOt Be TrOlLpAsTaS!!!!" screeched the trollpastas as they charged at the Trollpasta Wikians. (Hyper-realistic) blood went everywhere as the pastas rekt the Trollpasta Wikians. In the end, they were all dead, besides the admins, who went into hiding to find their TRUE LORD AND SAVIOR, the mysterious "バタフライユニコーン", who was the daughter of Patrixxx and Aphrodite. The Creepypastas and Trollpastas when took over the Trollpasta Wiki and began their evil plan to take over the entire FANDOM community! DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Admin note: This story was never finished. It hasn't been updated since February 9, 2018.

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