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Hello. My name is Gary Sue, and I'm really butthurt. I wrote a really good trollpasta about a guy called "Twitter Bird" reading a haunted Victorian porn-novel. It got deleted because it was too NSFW. Because the admin hates me. So I opened the CleverBot to talk with BEN, because I had nothing else to do when my story with WHOLE HOUR of effort put into it.

So I asked certain funny questions, like "Is Happy Mask Salesman your wife" and every time, I got the same answer. "You shouldn't have done that". That creeped me out, because CleverbBot! Ben would normally say "Yes".

Then I realized I was talking with TheLinkToThePasta.

I destroyed every trace of that discussion, and left this wiki forever. A genius like me should never be banned. Everybody is just jealous for me.

Then, when I thought what to do, I found a file called TLTTP.avi. It was a video with images of Vikings raping and pillaging a town, and demonic voice saying "I AM THE ADMIN OF THIS WIKI".

A minor glitch, I thought, and opened some random page from Trollpasta Wiki ( A better site that respects my artistic SKILL and GENIUS).

But instead of seeing my fine art-trollpasta, there was a picture of BEN, with message saying "There is no escape. Only eternal BAN."

I didn't care.  Just some minor glitches on the page-loading or something. So I started to write a story where I kill the EVIL PATRIXXX and get loads of money fro-

The subject was found dead. The corpse had deep cuts from a sword. The head was crushed with EVIL PATRIXXX's homestone. The source of sword cuts is currently unknown. Agent ██████, SCP Foundation.

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