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I've Been a fan Of Nick Jr, I know it's pretty weird as Hell for a 17 year old to be watch a Preschool channel. But i'm usually into The classic Like Blues Clues, Little Bill, And one Of my personal favorites Go Diego Go.

Not anymore Though. I was 10 or 12 When this happened, One day I was at home staying from school because of a Stomach Bug. Since I didn't want to be bored, i decide to Watch Nick Jr. Then a bumper showed that A New Episode Of Diego was coming on in 60 seconds. A Feel of joy came to me, So i got my sprite (My mom says sprite will help my stomach) And a candy bar I hid from her. The episode began, but no intro. It just showed Diego Looking for Something, But looking concern. "Oh uh... Hi" He said, " Have you seen baby Jaguar? He's been gone for 2 Hours." He paused for 3 seconds. "I really need your help, I'm worried about him". At first I thought this was like a special episode/ Tv Movie where Diego Can't find Baby Jaguar and had to go through the jungle as he meets new animal friends to help him. But this couldn't be the case. I checked the Guide and it Just showed a regular running time, 22 minutes. Was this a episode to teach kids how to find pets? Those questions just passed through like air. Diego was still desperately trying to find him as he looked through bushes and trees. What i heard next was probbaly the most ear pirercing and loud screaming of a animal of my life. Diego ran fast as he could to find out what it was, It revealed to be a dead body of Baby Jaguar. His eyeballs hanging down while blood streamed down his side and guts gushing out of his stomach. At this point I didn't know what was going on, Was this appropriate for a kids show? Diego was standing in utter shock as he looks over the dead jaguar and then fades to black. We are at the Animal Rescue Center where Diego is sitting on the roof Crying, He holds out his hand and shows Baby Jaguar's Organ. Diego Stops crying and then Looks at the screen Smiling in a very creepy way. "Baby Jaguar is Dead, It's time for Alicia to suffer the same fate" Said Diego as his eyes turned bloodshot red and even grows red horns (Simaliar To Satian's). He grabs a nose and yanks Alicia As he Gives her an evil smile. "Do not be shocked sister" Said Diego " It's time for you join Jaguar, Or my Lord and savior..... Satian". Alicia Dies and falls to the ground, "Now" he said to the viewers "It's my turn". There is a silence. "YOUR TUR-". The screen goes into static and a Movie Tv Spot Comes on. Speechless, I looked at the tv still trying to realized what I just watched. From that day, I never watched Diego Again

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