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The following is a trollpasta describing history from the eyes of CODEA members.

If you do not know who these VERY strange people are, a video summing up what they believe in is located here.

How it Happeneded.

In the beginning, there were Activision. Eventually, Actvision came up with idea "call of duty" the first FPS. 

Activision is our god, and ICF is messiah's. Actvisor gave ICF a copy of COD and asked him to show world what real game is. He start spread word to gaming world about the only true gaming game, Call Of Doty. But Hater and Elephants started to show up. ICF knew he do something.  ICF Create The Call Of Duty Enlightmented armie. With he Enlightmeted army he would sucscept, and activision be pleased. But thing started go wrong. 

The lesser gamers from hell came up, and they build evil Empire. Less ame Destroy everything the Elightmenteded army build high. Less Games tach gamers to join dm and ploy body games like; (COPYRIGHT CENSOR) it didn't took long before enlightenment army became stronger, and fought back. Since nobody agree, Activision have plan nuclear domination using bombs suck as;

- Bad Campaign bomb, which made everyone bland, and want to do nothing but shoot. 

- More multiplayer, which encouraged kids to scream online about the fact that they just died. 

- If it aint broken, fix it till it is. 

That concludes our story of many moons, plaese come back later for your carrot, for you are rabbit, om nom nom. 

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