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My friend Leon told me there is this place called Candy Cave where a friendly old man sold candy. I said "That kind of sounds fishy doesn't it?" Then Leon said "Are you a fucking noob old men always have good candy. Then I said "Well he probably has some candy for your ass." Then he said "They don't make ass candy you fucking shrub." I face palmed and said "You aren't going to go there are you?" He said "Hell ya he opens at 12 am that is what my friend on Xbox said." "If someone on Xbox told you this it is probably bullshit so fine lets go then you will be proven wrong." I said.

We left at 11:45 and headed towards the woods. "This is really fucking creepy." I said. "How so?" my dumbass friend said. "Because we are looking for a creepy old man that has a candy shop out in the middle of the fucking woods in the middle of the night." I said. "You are such a noob Chuck." Leon said. I ignored his little insult and continued on. We eventually got to the shop and then Leon walked in and he asked the old man how much the candy was. Then the old man spoke: "That would be about $3.50." "What the fuck I only have a dollar!" Leon said. Then the old man said: "That would be enough for a swim in the orange soda pool." "Cool I want to go swim in the orange soda." Leon said. I had a bad feeling so I ran in after him then the old man said: "You want to come in too?" Then he locked the door behind us. He made my friend go in first. Leon jumped into the pool and then said: "Oh my God the orange juice is burning my skin!!!" Then he turned to ash. The stuff that was in the pool was lava. The old man said: "You are next!" Then I kicked him in the nuts took his keys and unlocked the door and got out of there. It was 12:50 am by the time I got home I didn't know what to do or what to say I just sat in my room sobbing. Never go to Candy Cave.

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