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I had recently gotten a big box of my old childhood belongings mailed to me from my parents. I opened the box and was automatically hit by a wave of nostalgia. There was my old Samsung Galaxy Spica, GameCube, iBook, and much more VHS tapes and books from my childhood. There was one VHS tape that stood out from everything in the box. It wasn't in a box like the rest of the VHS tapes and it didn't even have a label or any type of writing on it that tells you what was on the VHS tape. I pulled out the tape and stuck it into my VCR (Yes, a VCR in 2018) I hit "Play" and the VHS started. It started with a few seconds of static and a commercial for the original Xbox from 2001, so that might have been when this VHS tape was made. After the commercial ended, the CatDog intro started. I got a little excited, since this was my favorite 90's show along with Spongebob and Hey Arnold. I noticed something different with the intro. I noticed that Cat looked angry throughout and Dog looked very uncomfortable. Once the intro ended, the title card came up, or what I could call the title card. It was just a black screen with small white letters at the bottom of the screen that read, "CatDog Episode 100" I scratched my head at this. Weren't there only 68 episodes of CatDog? Did I miss an entire season of the show? Is this an unreleased episode? I continued to watch, hoping for some answers. The episode started with a shot of the outside of CatDog's house. The camera zoomed into the inside of CatDog's house where we see CatDog sitting on the couch. There was no music, much less any sound at all. CatDog sat completely silent on the couch, not doing a single thing. After a minute of this, Cat started to speak, but no sound was coming out. I made sure the sound wasn't muted. It was turned all the way up. You could see Dog starting to speak and the two getting angry. After two minutes of continuous arguing, Cat punched Dog. The audio came back at that moment. You could hear Cat's fist hitting Dog. The sound of static can be heard in the background. You can hear Cat and Dog screaming at and punching each other. I couldn't make out what Cat and Dog were arguing over because the sound of static was almost deafening. CatDog ran into the kitchen. The sound of wood and metal hitting liolinen could be heard for a minute until CatDog came running out. Cat was holding a dagger, Dog was holding a kitchen knife. CatDog ran outside, trying to stab each other. I decided to pull out my phone and film what was going on. CatDog got on their bicycle and started to ride down the road, still hitting and attempting to stab each other. Dog managed to swing his knife and give Cat a nice big cut on his arm that started to gush cartoony blood. Cat pushed Dog's face against the front wheel of the bike, leaving Dog with a scratched up and bleeding nose. Dog jumps up and bites Cat. Blood seeped from where Dog bit Cat. Cat hit Dog over the head, knocking one of his teeth out. Dog threw his knife at Cat and cut his right cheek. Dog jumped up again and punched Cat in the mouth. Cat spat out a tooth. Cat stabbed Dog in the back with his dagger. Dog started to cough up blood. Cat held the knife in for a few seconds before pulling it out and stabbing Dog again. Dog began to bleed from his eyes. The bike CatDog was riding then hit a telephone pole. Dog was killed, but Cat survived. The episode ended with Cat dragging himself from the wreckage using one arm because his right arm was broken. The scene cut to static and the TV shut off. I stopped recording on my phone and sent the footage to Nickelodeon Studios along with a rant about how they could make something like that out of a children's show. The next day, I received a package containing an apology letter from Nickelodeon Studios saying how sorry they were that I had to see that. I threw the letter away right after I read it. The package contained a container of Nickelodeon Slime, a Spongebob DVD containing the first 100 episodes, and NickToons Racing for the PS2. Afterwards, I took the VHS tape out to my firepit. I buried the thing in a pile of sticks and leaves I already had in there. I lit the pile on fire, hoping the VHS tape was destroyed, never to be seen again.

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