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[Missing image: MarioTheChap.png - Caption: "He looks spiffing!"]

On a certain, eventful period of 24 hours, I had the most peculier erge to play the digital entertainment activity known as Super Mario Brothers, unfortunately, I did not have the specific device required to use it, so I arrived at a market event in which you may obtain used or new items for a low price. An elderly figure had seemed to catch attention that I was pursuing possession of Super Mario Brothers including said device required to use the former product. It had caught my attention that the label which sole purpose is to notify it's viewer what said product is was not present. The elderly figure additionaly noted me that the products I had purchased from him had originally belonged to a deceased child known as Jim. I did not take an interest in this as I was anticipating using Super Mario Brothers on my newly aquired entertainment device.

I initiated the entertainment device and everything seemed in place and performing as I intended. I began the first level and completed said level without issues. Then, I attempted to do a secret intended by the developers in which I may use a pipe to transport me to certain, future levels without completing any levels previous to it. when I had reached this specific area, instead of the accompanied text "Welcome To The Warp Zone" as intended, it was replaced by "WE GREET YOU TO A FRIGHTENING LOCATION IN WHICH YOU SHALL MEET YOUR ETERNAL DAMNATION!"

at this time, I had felt that something was amiss. I still did not take interest in it and chose the pipe of greatest distance from my current position. The level was supposidly titled "DEATHWORLD 6-6-6."

The visual content within this level was amiss and agonizing cries of pain was output from the audio device. The experience was genuinely frightening. However I was not frightened by the situation and proceeded with the game as intended. Eventually, I had reached an area which was not possible in practice and in theory due to sharp, pointy metal objects known as Spikes, so the only remaining option was to purposely end all life functions of my protaganist that I was in control of.

I repeatedly did said action until all of my remaining attempts had been depleted.. I had believed that it was the end of the game, however Mario had re-appeared, except for that Mario's face was covered in a red bodily substance intended to sustain your body's life functions called Blood. As I had begun this level, it had transformed to a level in the skies, which was intended to be kept a secret, with Mario possessing wings of a religious entity: The Angel. A paranormal, digital vocal communication was emmited from my entertainment device which has seemingly said "Not a chance of rescue!".  As I had attempted to collect a main power-up to assist me in completing the game, my screen had involuntarily ceased visual content.

I decided to attempt temporarily turning the system off, followed by it returning. At this time, the title screen was very amiss, and Mario's face was once again, covered in blood. I was shocked so much to the point I attempted the previous action a second time..

As it seemingly returned to normal, a conmputer-generated vocalization of a human had said "My associate, there is no way to escape the grasp of  popular dance!". The screen was hyper-realistic and it showed Mario again only this time his face was me and my family's face and we were skeletons. It was so realistic I couldn't believe it. I was compelled to try the game again. This time I started it. As the first goomba walked towards Mario, Mario turned towards the screen and started screaming "NO MAS, NO MAS!" It sounded like high-quality CD-audio, also blast processing.

I screamed and turned off the game. I put it away. Later that week I noticed my family acting distantly. I decided to research Mario games and I found out that Mario was in a secret game that was only released in two arcades on Friday the thirteenth on June 6th, 1997. It seemed weird so I started playing videogames again.

I decided to put in the Mario game again. I loaded it up and I saw my save file. I clicked it and Mario said "Why-a you-a no-a stop-a playing-a my-a game-a" I didn't take his warning and I played anyway. I got up to Bowser and I won but when I got to Peach there was toad there instead and he said "Peach is dead".

Then a ghost face came up and it had a ladies face and Princess Peach is a lady.

I reset the game for the last time. I opened up my save and it changed from my name. it said...

"My associate, I wish to inform you that the child known as Jim has previously met his demise!"

"I say!"

At that point, my female parental figure had entered the room and let out a deafening shriek. It appears I had indeed been deceased through this entire event, and you would not forsee this; the word used to address me as, is in fact Jim!

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