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Tom's Diary- Entry No.1

Today I booted up my old Dreamcast to play Sonic Adventure 2. I wanted to go to the Chao Garden, but then I remembered I deleted the Chao file for some reason. So I threw my TV out the window and lit my Dreamcast on fire. Then I saw a plushy. Then I screamed. Then I cried.


Entry No.2

Today my GameCube broke. I'm not quite sure why. I saw Sonic on it and I smashed it with a 2x4 with a nail through it. Then I had a crazy dream that I had the re-re-release of SA2 on my Xbox 360. I woke and remembered I did have it.


Entry No.3

I played my game today. My Chao are so cute! Kyle would just love them. I wonder where he is... Anyways, my Chao named Chao said its first word! I don't remember that ever happening before. Must be a glitch.


Entry No.4

I started training my Chao named Chao for races and Chao Karate today. He fucking sucked, so I yelled at the TV.

-Love Tom

Entry No.5

I saw a Chao plush on my bed. It tried to kill me. Must be a glitch.

-Love Tommy

Entry No.6

I saw the plush again and it tried to kill me again. I told my mommy and she sent me to the asylum for bad behavior.

-Love, Tom Dearest

Entry No.7

I saw it again and the doctors think I'm nuts. Mommy told them to put me to sleep because the can't cure me. Huh... what does that mean? Take a nap...?

-XXXXXXXXXXXXX, Tom: Mommy's Special Little Guy

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