Classic Cartoons and Baby Shows Theory

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Do you know any classic cartoons like Merrie Melodies, Looney Tunes, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Terrytoons, and Silly Symphonies?

Well, They were from the 20th Century, and It was formally for everyone in the US.

But at the 21st Century, Everything was changed. There was a video site called YouTube, which was founded in 2005, had Classic Cartoons from the 20th Century that were uploaded there.

But until the 2010's The classic cartoons were for the little baby kids. This is me, Adrian, I am a 17 year old boy who knows about cartoons.

I went on my computer one day, and when I was gonna watch a classic cartoon without fullscreen on YouTube, there was related videos by it. And you know what they are? BABY SHOW VIDEOS!!!!

Yeah, that's right, they had Caillou, Super Why, Sofia The First, Terrytoons, Weird YouTube Kids Videos, CGI Baby Videos, Silly Symphonies, Nursery Rhymes, Living Books, Barney The Dinosaur, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, Little Bill, Curious George and other baby shows.


It was a baby show nightmare, every baby show scared me! They had creepy episodes, which sucked. I used to like baby shows when I was little, and I never talked about the memories of my childhood.

But one day, I was on my computer, looking for some lost episodes of baby shows, and I founded them! I was pleased!

There were lost episodes of baby shows like The Caillou Creepypasta Caillou says goodbye to Gilbert, The Bubble Guppies You Killer, and more. I enjoyed those creepypastas and I read them. I liked regular cartoons like Spongebob, Loud House, Adventure Time, etc. They were way better than those baby shows.

I made those baby toons turn into violent and adult versions of them which contained violence, language, and drug use. I made a video called Baby show characters kill themselves. Everyone liked it, and it was funny. Well, that's my theory of classic cartoons and baby shows. Goodbye!

Originally on Geoshea's Lost Episodes Wiki

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