Cleo the Killer

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It was a bright and sunny day and Cleo was walking to school. She had no friends and mostly stayed alone. As she walked into the school yard she entered the building expecting someone to punch her AGAIN! Instead they where all talking about this kid named Jeff who's brother Liu had gone to jail for a year.

I walked to my locker, it was right next to Jeff when I looked at him he had longer hair and roles under his eyes and he looked really depressed. I didn't say anything. He looked at me and I looked away shyly. All of a sudden these kids Ryan, Adam and Zack popped in front of me and pushed me. At this point I just went bull freaking Jesus crazy on them. I punched them kicked them slapped then kicked one in the balls. I got detention.Yep.

After a few days I finally talked to Jeff I said: "Um...hi I'm Cl...Cleo I'm sorry about your bro". "It's okay you didn't do anything don't be sorry oh and I'm Jeff."

Few days later Jeff went crazy. He went to the hospital cause a kid caught him on fire. He killed his parents and brother after he got out of JDC. After a month I snapped. Ryan, Adam and Zack came up and made fun of me hurt me. So I grabbed my pocket knife and carved ones eyes out, stabbed the other and ran off and left Ryan there bleeding while the others lie motionless. I cut out my eyes and my mom came in while I was crying.

"Sweetie what are you...HUH?" she said Cowardly while I was holding two knifes up to her "Sweetie, your eyes!". "I can hear, and smell and feel people through the ground and air" I said to her. "S...Sweetie please p...put the knifes down and we can sort this o...out" she said with her voice shaking. "No mom, go get dad and WE CAN SETTLE THIS!" I yelled. "Alright sweetie I will go get h...him" she said voice trembling in fear.

She ran to the bedroom. I slowly crept up the hall hearing what my mother was saying. "Sweetie get the gun and call the police!" she said as she saw me appear in the door way. "You lied's parents." I said grabbing hold of both parents. As my dad shot up the last thing they heard was: "FEEL THE PAIN LIKE I DID".

I said goodnight as I drew on the wall. On the wall it says "FEEL THE PAIN!" And I smiled and crawled out the window and disappeared into the woods.

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