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Note all you sensitive peeps out there.

If you hate or love Pewdiepie or all that noise then you shouldn't read this because it might change the way you look at Pewdiepie and I'm not all that sure if that's a good or a bad thing so yeah.

The Yummy Pasta

Living in Italy is an amazing thing right? Not all that much. Being a friend to Pewdiepie, or Felix, is an amazing feeling. We live in the same city. That's right, get your "YA RIGHT FAKER"s out. I must say however, Pewdie has been acting rather strange. Hes not normally like this, hes usually more upbeat and bombastic, as you can recall if you see his videos, recent ones and old.

So anyways, hes been acting strange. He has been talking about this amazing new game he found. He didn't talk much about what it was about and didn't much comply when asked. He has been talking about how this game has the power to 'Change the World' and 'Inspire Minds'. This is still Pewdiepie we are talking about here. Its awkward when he starts to talk about it. He acts like he made a huge breakthrough with something, almost like an excited little school girl.

His girlfriend, Marzia, or however you spell it, started to get worried a bit to much for me to handle. She was almost at the point of crying. I told her I would try and talk to Felix, and get some info and research it. What did I get into, talking to him at this point was almost like talking to a tape recording stuck on replay. Try as I must I might not get much out of him. So I will try.

So I sat down on a chair next to his bed in the hospital. He was giving some mild tranquilizers so he was a little more calm then normal. He told me the room was in a room. Ya that's really it. He also told me that torches illuminated the room. That kinda helped. Then, surprise surprise, I was bombarded by 'Change the World' and 'Inspire Mind's and his normal jabber.

Later I turned on my computer and searched the keywords "Room with torches game". I get nothing. I scrolled through what seemed like millions of pages when I found a link to his site. 'Pewdiepie.Se' is the website, go check right now if you must. He uploads most of his gameplay on there before YouTube. The link, as I recall lead to a video of him playing that god forsaken game. The game was as he described it, in a room, lit with torches, staring at a wall in a First Person view most likely.

He sat there and just looked at the screen repeating a low "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" sound.

No breaths, no pauses, no blinking.

The "aaaaaaaaaaaa" kept playing, or he kept saying or groaning it.

The screen blurred. The sound was deafening the "aaaaaaaaaaaaa" turned to an ear piercing, 'WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH'.

His eyes, his... HIS DAMN EYES, FUCKING EYES, SOCKETS, THEY WERE JUST SOCKETS. A loud wind can be heard almost past his load cry of... something.

The wind kept blowing, more fierce then ever. For the 2 seconds that the video lasted, the wind was still blowing but Pewdie had stopped yelling. He held up a hastily scribbled note on some Xerox paper. HELP ME, it said.

Felix, or Pewdie, made a full recovery ever since I saw that video. Hes funny again, and didn't even quote that game. I didn't really think about that game anymore. Anyway, on an unrelated topic, my dumb mom wants me to stop playing this amazing game. This can make a breakthrough! This game can change the world, IT CAN INSPIRE MINDS!

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