Cockroach Conspiracy

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A lot has been said about cockroaches. It has been stated that if there was a nuclear war, we would all die--ehr, assuming you're a human, I'm not, but whatever, so i guess it's not a we, LOL!!!--but the cockroaches would live on for billions of years. They may even evolve kind of sort of the way people have, forming cockroach monarchies with cockroach kings and queens (Cockroach Queen Latifah!), opening up cockroach Papa John's that are advertised by cockroach quarterbacks, enjoying cockroach drum & bass music while smoking cockroach purp, watching cockroach versions of Spongebob and writing cockroach horror stories about cockroach Squidward committing cockroach suicide. Bottom line is, cockroaches have more legs than people, and people are intimidated by them. Also, cockroaches eat your food and made your girlfriend leave you. Cockroaches in your bed. :c}P

But enough of this chit-chat. I assume you get it now. You humans should feel guilty! Stop stomping on us, pls.

I am the cockroach! GOO GOO G'JOOB!

P.S. Cockroaches evolved from human penises, hence the name. BTW, I'm not actually a cockroach.

"That just raises more questions!"

... The end.

Credited to DaveTheUseless 

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