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11 June 2009

I'm paralyzed in fear, i don't know what to do. shuld I call the police? I'm currently hiding in a closet... I can still hear him. It all started when I woke up this morning and I was hungry. After i posted some dank memes on /b/ i went onto a website to learn how to make the spaghetti, there was a download link to a FREE cooking show movie. i downloaded it and once I opened the movie to watch it my computer shut off and i couldn't turn it back on. THEN, i heard a loud noise in the kitchen. I got up slowly and looked in the kitchen, I couldn't believe what I was looking at!!! Right there was a ghost chef with hyper realistic eyes staring at me with a rolling spin rolling out the dough....... to cook with it. i got so spooked i pooped my pants and had to have a shower to wash all the poop off and then when i was in the shower the ghost chef was watching me with hyper realisic eyes!' i was so sp00ked i I pooped all over the spaghetti he was cooking....... then i got out of the shower and the chef got really mad and he started dancing!!!!! then i ran out of the shower (i shower with my clothes on dnt h8 playa) and ran into the kitchen.. there was a spooky skeleton on my laptop..... It was so spooky!!! Most spookiest thing I have ever seen in my life!!!! I turned around and there was the chef with a piece of mozzarella!!! He then started to dance to funky music!!!!!!! he told me in the most voice i have ever heard..... "im.. going.. to.. cook.. you.. a.. 5.. star.. meal.." if got so spooked out i blacked out in this closet... i have decided to go out of the closet... there isnt any ghost chef! Im going to go to slep now!! Ill update next

June 18 2009

For the past week i cannot stop having nitemares about the ghost chef dancing with the rolling pin in hand.... i wake up every day to spaghetti all over my floor. i dont think i can sleep many more...

19 June 2009

This is the last straw i am WAY too spooked out.. The ghost chef is now turning my stuff into spaghetti !!! Oh shit he is walking up the stairs this very momen- helo it is i ghost chef n i hav spooked the berjibbers out of him XD at this moment he has turned into the spaghetti and now i am going to make him into the 5 star meal,,, u should be spo0ked because u r now cursed by the spaghetti curse...... expect me.., the spagetti ghost chef of DOOM!!!

Police Notes

56 Year Old man mysterly disappeared from household. Spaghetti was found all throughout the house.

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