CrashingCymbal and The Curse of The Ffs7: The Sequel

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It had been a peaceful evening in the world of CPWC. Topics of conversation ranged from vagoo, to milking man titties, and everything in between. The peace was corrupted when ONCE AGAIN CrashingCymbal uttered the very words of doom and misfortune....the curse of the ffs7 was once again put onto the chat. Chat turned to ultimate chaos. Tits were flailing, tears were shed, and Grammatiks were Dnoeaing. Speaking of Gramm. He told Crashing to promptly bend his dick backwards and fuck himself with it, because of the shit he caused. Crashing was like "lol k"

After an hour of everyone being assfucked by the admin's giant dildos, the first ffs7 event happened. Alfred, once again, was summoned to the chat. BUT NOT ONLY ALFRED! TRIPLE THE FUCKING TROUBLE! Vagooman AND Ainsley were summoned as well. Alfred was like "lol we're desperate vaginas looking for some noob ass" and Vagooman was like "hnnnnng I prefer the 60 year olds" and Ainsley contributed by informing everyone he wanted to rub their spicy meat. Everyone was like "Oh fuck" and some noob was like "k" because he wanted his meat rubbed by Ainsley. So Gramm was like just "ifn fuck" and Zyranne was like "I spaek gpod Engksnd"

After everyone was sitting there drooling like spastics, someone finally decided to do something. CarcinoGenticist, or Simon, stood proud, took out a dildo which he stole from Skelly. He yelled "FOOOOOOOR NARRRRRNIIIIIIIIIA" And told everyone to talk about animal genitalia, so that it would summon Ceiling Nick. Everyone was confused at first, and started scratching their pubes, but everyone did it anyway because yolo. After the chat was infested with talk of whale dick and giraffe vagina, Ceiling Nick entered the chat. He said "LISTEN HERE YOU LITTLE SHITS! CAN'T A MAN FAP TO THE LOGS IN PEACE!?" And everyone was like "But Nick..:(" but he got butthurt and left, so he could have a bitchfit elsewhere, and stick cacti in his ass.

Everyone thought hope was lost, until Kill came up with the idea to get Cleric's attention, but then Cleric was like "lol no" and banned everyone apart from Vagooman, Ainsley and Alfred. Cleric was like "oh bby" and they took part in a huge orgy. Ainsley enjoyed peppering their anguses. Pretty soon the chat was covered in pepper, tentacle cum, and vaygo. The chat imploded as the only words that were muttered was none other than "It's your fault, Willow".

Written by Zyranne
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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