Creepypasta Madness Part 3 Door Opened

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I'm Jamie Jones. 5 minutes ago I saw my friends Tart and Matthew turn up in the fornt of my house. Gregory from Gregory's room was on the lawn. My Mom came, She told Gregory to Get off the lawn. Gregory shot her and she melted. I ran to the other side of my to cry. "It's ok Jamie. Don't Cry!" Tomams said. "MY MOM JUST DIED!" I told the 8 year old. "Oh. Oh crud." He replied. "Huh? Jamie! Look Out!" Tommas told me. But on his camera A voice said "Shhhhhhhhhhhh... Go to sleep." The man stabed Tommas blood covered the camera. "MMOOOOOMMMMMMMMMYYYYY!!!! SAVE ME PLEASE!!!!" Tommas Screamed. "Go to sleep." The man said. "Go to sleep. Go to sleep. Go to sl-" "TOMMAS!!! GET OFF TOMMAS YOU BITCH!" Ms. Jack said. "Hahaha. The real Bitch here is you, you fucking fatass." I hered a gunshot and the man screamed "DAMN YOU YOU FUCKING FUCK-UP FAMILLY!!!! CLEANSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The man screamed. But then a man behind me said. "Come with me little girl." I looked at him and it was the same man who kiddnapped Mario. "FUCK OFF!" I said. He put his robe in fornt of me and draged me to his body. Tart and Matthew came thought the door of my room "GET HER BITCH!" Matthew Yelled. "Fuck No." Said the man. He telported out of the room with me. Then black. Next think I know I'm in a room tied to a chair I saw Mario. "H-help." He said. "I WILL KILL BOTH OF YOU." Said a tall woman. "The Wo-wom-man in the thether." "DIE." Said THE WOMAN IN the THETHER. She kills us both. "N-no........" was the last words I said before I died. I woke up in heaven with Mario. God told us "I want you to see your friends again. I will give you the power of Kamen Raider Double." We're given Gaia Memories I got Joker and Mario got Cyclone. We are put back in our bodies. The ropes are gone. "HOW THE FUCK DID YOU SURVIVE???" Ask The WOMAN. "Henshin." We said. To be Continued

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