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Diary entry: 7 March, 2018, 12:59 am

That interstitial. That HORRIBLE, TRAUMATIZING hell of a interstitial. I wish I was at the right time to not witness it, but it was too late. The reason why I'm typing this at a time that you find weird is because I'm getting absolutely no sleep... from the FUCKING images of this godforsaken interstitial. Let me share my story with you.

Face when he got possessed by the black figure.

For any of you who remember watching Nick Jr. back from 1994 to 2004 may remember a certain animated host on there that would appear during advertisements named Face, who would materialize objects like a astronaut, a robot, a window, etc. and would also create a number of foley sound effects and voices. He would also change colours, feelings and moods. When I was a little kid, I was always amused by him and his clever sense of humour. That was until that ungodly abomination of a interstitial broadcast.

You see, it was 2002 and my favourite channel used to be Nick Jr. Some of my favourite shows on there were Dora the Explorer, Blue's Clues and Maggie and the Ferocious Beast. As soon as a episode of Blue's Clues ended, I was excited to see more funny antics from Face, so I grabbed my VCR remote and pressed the Record button, preparing for yet another one of Face's funny antics. After a few advertisements, Face came up on the screen introducing himself. He then started to shiver, saying that it was cold. After he said that "it was so cold, he could see his own breath," the screen went to static.

At that point, I thought there was something wrong with the TV, so I started to hit it. After a while of hitting, the static ended and I was met with a creepy image. It was Face, however, he didn't seem right. His eyes were changed to live-action bloodshot ones, twitching violently and his mouth was open wide, with sharp teeth showing. He was speaking in a language that I couldn't understand with a demonic voice. After a while of that showing, the screen cut to static again and then cut entirely to black. I thought to myself "What the fuck am I even watching?"

After a while of complete blackness, it cut to a abandoned village, with a strange-looking black figure walking through it. The black figure's head was shaped like a donut, with the top missing and it's hands having long, sharp fingernails. It then came across Face, who had a nervous look on his face, then the black figure started shaking Face around, by the looks of things possessing him.

It then showed... oh my god... a demonic Face! His colour was dark red, his eyes were plain white and his mouth was bleeding. He then started speaking in a even more demonic voice than after he said that "it was so cold, he could see his own breath.". At that point, I was legit shitting myself. He then held up a machine gun and started shooting at people, blood and guts splattering everywhere. During that part, there was screaming and sounds of blood splattering.

It then showed Face shooting little children, blood splattering everywhere. At that point, I finally had enough, so I took the VCR remote and tried to stop the recording by pressing the Stop button, but it didn't work. I tried pressing it again and again, but it still wouldn't work. I then tried doing things like turning off the TV, unplugging the TV, etc., but neither one of those things worked, so I was left with no other choice but to watch the fucking atrocious montage of Face killing little children.

After a while, the screen briefly flashed static and then went to black. Just as I was about to change the channel, it cut to the front room of a house, with two little children, a boy and a girl dead, with bullet holes all around them and blood leaking out of the holes. A lady, who I amused was their mom, walked into the room, holding a tray of cookies and as soon as she saw the dead bodies, she started screaming. I then thought to myself "Who the fuck would broadcast something like this on a channel like Nick Jr.?!"

Face then jumped out of a curtain and started shooting at the lady, blood splattering everywhere and cookies falling on the floor. It then showed a basement filled to the brim with dead bodies, while creepy sounds were playing in the background. It then showed a little boy falling down a black tunnel, screaming. He then landed on a big red cat, who started eating the poor little boy.

It then briefly flashed to static again and cut to black one more time. Then, Face slowly came towards the screen, looking the same as he was when he got possessed by the black figure, with creepy music playing in the background. During that moment, images started flashing very briefly, so briefly that I couldn't even tell what they were. I also couldn't even rewind or pause for whatever reason. After Face came towards the screen, he started glitching. He then reached out a hand and covered up the screen with it. When the hand covered up the screen, it burst into static and then suddenly, the TV turned itself off. I tried turning it back on, but it didn't turn back on.

I then unplugged it and took it to my dad to see if he can fix it. After a while of wondering around the house, my dad called me upstairs and said to me that the circuit board was shattered into pieces and burnt. I saw it and needless to say, I was upset. A few days later, we brought a new TV, however, I never watched Nick Jr. ever again, all because of that MOTHERFUCKING atrocity of a interstitial.

That interstitial was so ungodly vile that after a few weeks, I started having nightmares, one of which was Face chasing me down a long hallway with a chainsaw, while I was screaming "NO!" over and over again. I also started occasionally hearing voices and having false visions. A few weeks after I started suffering those things, my parents took me to see several psychologists, who all of them said that it was due to anxiety. That was bullshit to me, since it had something to do with that interstitial. I don't know how it managed to be broadcast or if anyone else except me saw it, but it has truly messed me up. I still have those dreadful images of the dead children in my mind.

With all of this chaos going on inside me, I can no longer take it. Now if you excuse me, I'm going to grab a gun and shoot myself in the mouth. Goodbye, everyone...

R.I.P. Liam Wellington


Time of Death: 1:00 am

Credited to TheWorldofHenry

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