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sO i was a intern at nicklodeeon studos so mye jobs were da being to watch da tapes sO mE waTcHed dis was da lost epusode and on da tape it saide "EVIL PATRIXXX TAPE" me watched dat tape and me saw dat dere waz da evil patriXxx and after eye watch dat i saw behind me waz da evil patrixxx and he said "THAT TAPE HAS TOO MUCH INFO ON ME" so din he commited 700 suicides on me and i died from eating popcorn so dis got so scareey cause it was like "ahhhh" an i punched a gallon of milk and da evil patrixxx waz singeing da rap songs so i ran but he killed my laptop/phone... THEN WHO WAS PHONE?!?!?!

Written by Guywhoisveryscary‎
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