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I used to be a fan of clarinets but everything changed one fateful day. I was sitting in couch and I was spitting in my clarinet producing shitty music when suddenly it was midnight. Then I realized my couch was in the middle of a cemetery. That's a pretty normal thing so I wasn't worried about it. It was late so I decided to go to bed. So I layed down on the couch and was sleep. When then I had a scary nightmare ware a little boy was crying but he was actually a SKELTON. My bones were pretty rattled so I SCREAMS LOUD FOR 120 MONUTES. Then I woke up and there was SKELTON sit next to me he was like what's up bro and he was playing my clarinet. Then I punched him but he took out a knife and stabbed me 728846496274 times and so I was sad. Then I tried to ran but instead I was chains to couch and the skeleton said call me mistress. An he whip me on my pee pee and it hut and I cryed. He say no tears just dreams and he cut my throat and I died but not really because I woke up in a desert. And there was a SANKE and it RATTLE LIKE FUCK OFF BRO so I got the fuck away from that little shit. I walked for 18000 years and was thirsty but I couldn't give up now I had been walking for 18000 years that's a long time to just give up and then suddenly I came to a little town. And I burnt it down and stole all of their resources. I then came across a big statue I thought was a dick first but it was A CLARINET. And I was like oh this is my destiny. So I went inside but then some guy shot me which sucks because now I'm dead.


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