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I used to be a major warrior cats fan! I had read every single book! I had even met Erin Hunter! I had read them since second grade, back when into the wild was forst relaesed. I have read every book singce. However, that’s not the chase anymore. For now, I hate the series with all mh heart! I have even gone as far as burning EVERY SINGLW BOPK OF THE SEIRES I OWN AND YEETING THERE AHSES INTO THE RIVER. And you’lol see why soon. Enjoy.

One day I was going to Austria for a familt reunion. However, While I was there, the newest boo, The silent thaww, had been released. Oncess I came home theree, when I chekced my loacl Barns and Noble, All of the copkes had been sold out! So I had only one salutiom. Go onto Ebay, instead. When I went on, I found a perfect copy of Teh Silentt thaw. I bougth it, not knowing what eye was in for. When the package came, the packing had a note one it. It was quite sloppy, looking like it hasd been done in a Harry. It said:

“Please, do not eead this book! Destroy it, now, before it destorysks you! This book is cursed!”

Admittably, I thought it was a jokee. Not nkowing what I was in for, I opened the packiges it was in, and looked at the cover. It was just the nirmal covers nothing wrong at all. That was, until the COVER GITCHED BEFORE MY VERY EYE! For a split second, it shpwed a hyperrealistic picture of firestars with a AXE in hsi riht hand, and greystripes disembodies head with his eyes out but instead hyperrealistic blood coming out in the other, both covered in hyperrealistic blood! Firestar had a grim smileing, with a big evil smile with sharp teeth covered in hyperrealistic blood that a,so stained his binger fur! The title said “WARRIOR CATS THE BROKEN CODE BOOK 666 FIRESTARS VICTEMS” in all caps covered in hyperrealistic blood. I was terrified! And then, It glitched agaidn!

Even tho that cover scared the hecking heck out tof me, I descided to take a closer look at the book. I notcised it was much thiccer than the average warrior cats book, almost biblre sized! Even bigger acyaully! Then I opened so I could reed it. Strangly enrought, the first fifgthty pages of the book had no words at all, just blank pages. Then, there were finally some words on the page except it was literally just gibberish and I couldnt read it. I alsod noticed that there was BLOOD stained on theh lages! I coudl even smale it!

Afew hundred pages later (no exageered) there was actual storey. It started off with firestar just randomly spawning and SWAERING at all of the thunderclan cats! Then, he naurto ran into the elders den and then he ewent up to grewystipe, sword at him exessivley, and then got out an axe and decappitated him! There was hyperrealistic blood everywhere! And then he just ate him! Them, he hung all of the thunderclan cats and ate them. Then, he went into the nurseyr and ate some kits WHOLE and then he went out and got out a gun and shot the rest of the cats then he NUKED the lake! All but Ivypool survived. I was glab. Ivypool is my favorite! Sadly my exktment was shortly lived as then Ivypool die and he had most grahoiv death out of all of them. Ok so basically he shoved an ATOMIC BOMB down her throat and she exploded. There was hyperrealistic blood EVERYWHERE! And then he drank her hyperrealistic blood and her hyperrealistic organs oen by oen. I had a hartatacc by this poitn. But then, the scariesst part of all, FIRESTAR STARTET TO DO HYPERREALISTIC FORTNITE DANCES! I screamed so loud that it brokd glass! And I’m not eggsagerating! Ni joke! By then, I had enough of it. So I went into the shed and then got out a SLUDGE HAMMER and then broke the book into a million pieces and then throo them into fire and throo the ashes into the wind. I went I nto the bathroom and vomited so much that it could stop world starvation!

I went onto my computer and emailed HarperCollins about book and they sayed it wasn’t a rela book and I was probly just making things up and I was isnde. But I’m being seriohs that it was reL!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t seep for 5 months after that. One day I heerd a hyperrealistic meow and then I looked up and I saw a hyperrealistic real IFRESTAR covered in hyperrealistic blood with a KNIFE in his mouth. I screamed and started to run I could get my fone and call Nine one one but it was too late. Firestar jumped onto my back and bit me and Idied. My brother Kevin came in and killed firestar but then peta toko himaway.

Now lemme warn you to never and I repeat NEVER EVER EVER buy warrior cats books off ebay sicne they are curesed and WILL INDEEED kill you! Also this isn’t a creepypasta this is a true story that ACTAULY happened to me! Btw your next. The end.

Credited to Rainbowbirdie 

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