Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: Cakes (Alternate Episode)

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NOTE - This story has similarities with the My Little Pony "Cupcakes" creepypasta.

It was a normal day in the neighborhood. The sky was clear, and Prince Wednesday had nothing to do! But that all changed when the phone rang. He picked it up and said "Hello?" "Hi!" The voice from the other end cheerfully said. He recognized the voice. It was his friend, Daniel Tiger's, voice. "Daniel? What is it?" He asked. "I was wondering if you would like to come over! It's REALLLLLLLLYYYYY important!" Daniel said, even more cheerful sounding. "Of course!" Prince Wednesday said as he hung up to phone. He then darted out the door. He didn't even bother taking trolley, he just darted across the neighborhood, and it took him record's time: 10 minutes. He knocked on Daniel's door. Daniel's Mom didn't open it. Daniel's Dad didn't open it. Daniel himself did. "Hi! I've been waiting for you! Come on in!" He said in a cheerful tone that seemed impossible even for Daniel. When he came in, Daniel came in with a plate, and said, "I need you to try this!" It was not anything unusual. Just a cake. A huge, blue cake. As a matter of fact, the exact same shade of blue that his friend O was. It was already cut in slices. "Don't be shy! Try one!" Prince Wednesday picked a big piece and took a huge bite. It was good beyond belief. It was better then anything had ever and ever will be. He would give everything he owned just for another slice. "Like it?" Daniel asked cheerfully. "Yeah! What's it called?" Prince Wednesday asked. "O, in honer of our friend O!" Daniel said with a huge smile on his face. "What goes into it?" Prince Wednesday asked. "Oh, you know, the usual. Milk, butter, eggs, O." Daniel said. "What? What did you mean by the last ingredient?" Prince Wednesday said, now confused. But that's all he said before Daniel's paw curled into a fist and punched him between the eyes, knocking him out.

When Prince Wednesday woke up, the house was notably different. All the lights were out, and all the windows had the curtains pulled on them. "W-where am I?" Prince Wednesday said, now very confused. "Keep it down." He heard a snarly voice say. And sure enough, there was a light. It was coming from a flashlight that was shading Daniel's face, now bearing a sadistic smile. "I only have this so your human eyes can see. Us tigers are night animals. We can see in the dark. As for your question, O was put in the cake. It wouldnt have tasted so good other wise. And yes, we had to kill him to put him in it. And for you, I will do the same." "B-but why?" Prince Wednesday asked, now terrified. "For many years we've been forced to uphold your lousy human traditions. Now, we must learn how to truly be felines. And there are only very few people, or should I say, animals, who are safe from us." Daniel said. "W-w-who?" Prince Wednesday said. "Katerina and her family. We're both felines. Sister and brother, if you know what I mean. Maybe one day Katerina will give up her lousy human traditions and learn what it's like to be truly feline, to eat fowl like O, and humans like you." His sadistic smile slowly changed into a happy smile. "Hey, do you wanna make believe with me? Let's imagine what you'll look like, and taste like, AS A CAKE!" "NOOO!" Prince Wednesday yelled. "Hush, and I'll make your death quick and easy for you." He then held his claws up to Prince Wednesday's throat. "Count with me how long your death shall take. The shortest is 3 seconds,and the longest is 5." Before the prince could say anything, Daniel ripped his claws across his throat. He screamed and as he was bleeding out, Daniel said "1...2...3..." As soon as he said 3, Prince Wednesday was dead. Daniel's sadistic smile showed again as Claude Speed from Grand Theft Auto 3 came and said "Perfect job, Daniel. You have become a perfect pet for me." Claude said he pat Daniel on the head and then policemen, FBI agents, and SWAT team members came to place Daniel under arrest. One SWAT team member yelled out "Daniel Tiger, you and your family are under arrest!" Put your hands on your head right now!" Daniel then killed several FBI agents, SWAT team members, and policemen as Tommy Vercetti from Vice City, Niko Bellic from GTA 4, Luis Lopez from The Ballad of Gay Tony, Victor Vance from Vice City Stories, Toni Cipriani from Libery City Stories, Trevor Phillips, Michael De Santa, and Franklin Clinton from GTA 5, Huang Lee from Chinatown Wars, and Carl Johnson from San Andreas arrived and helped Daniel. The Grand Theft Auto main characters cheered. Then there was a creak in the door. It was his mom and dad, and dad was holding Margaret. "Well done." Mom said as she picked up the dead body of Prince Wednesday and toss it away into the sea. "Now Daniel, you have won a 2 year trip to Vice City and are declared a powerful member of the Grove Street Families and the Vercetti Family Mafia."


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