Dawson and the scary ghost

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It was an ordenery day, like any other. My best friend Dawson was over at my house, and we were playing tag. What hapened next astonded me. As usual, he hid and I started counting. "1....2....3...." Poured out of my mouth, while Dawson sprented away. "58....59....60.... Ready or not here I come!" That's when I herd the scream. I knew it was Dawson, I could tell by his voice. I thought maybe he was trieing to scare me, becuase it was dark outside.

I was dazed, but I still went to go find him. I thought maybe he was hiding in the old barn. I checked there for exactly 10 minutes, and then left. I looked in the treehouse... Nope. Checked in the old sylo... Nope. It all started to come togither... He wasn't outside, HE NEVER LEFT THE HOUSE IN THE FIRST PLACE! While I was celebrating my conclision, I heard another shreek, and I new it was Dawson.

I then started wondering were he couldv'e gone in the house. I checked the attik, then the kitchen, the living room, and then there was only one place to check. "No, he could'nt of gone down there... he would never wonder into the baisement, he' to scared.

I jumped all 666 of the steps into the basement. I new it was the devil's relm, but Dawson didntt. He should have headed my warnings... but I was intent on getting my freind. I yelled out his name, and I herd him yell out mine. I started walking too my left... I knew by his calling of my naMe that I was getting closer to him... And whatever hellprawn lay in the basement. I kept walking past coridoor after coridoor. Until I saw him. And what demone garded him... "GORTHOK. I SHOULDVE KNOWN", I said. "You shoudlvee listened too me boy, I told you never to venchur here, and now youlll pay the prise."

I ran at him, to distract him so Dawson could get away. This was my fight, not his. It would've worked if I remembered he was tyed up with rope.

We then died to the hand of GORTHOK, the powerful and mighty.

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