Dead Chef Doll

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It all started off when I was watching the south park episode: return of the chef. When I saw Chef died, I got scared alot so I turned off my tv. I ran to get my chef doll to see it had a stick stabbed right through it and I saw a slight tear on the chef's face and I peeled it and I saw Chef's torn up face. Then I saw another tear and I pulled that one and I saw the chef's guts just like when I saw that south park episode. I put the chef doll in the fireplace and I set it on fire. When I was sleeping, I had a nightmare about the dead chef from return of the chef. Then I looked out my window to see If anyone was there then I took a picture of that creature then I found out that it was frozniek. Then I was on my computer when instead of my original desktop picture, it show the dead chef. Then it came out of my computer then chef said he and frozniek were going to kill me. Then I grabbed the nearest weapon which was a flamethrower and then I burned both chef and frozniek then they died. I never saw chef and frozniek ever again. But then I found a note saying: GO TO SLEEP.

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