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Until this day I was skeptic, but now, I know the truth, before this I though that Steam was a fun place for playing with friends and play games, but no, now i Know that steam is evil, it's a tool of satan to get people to hell and torture them souls, before reading this, do not enter in steam, do not play any valve game, hell, waht if isn't only about Steam? what if of all the games? i dunno, but don't pla ygames, probably you have played a lot of games, now you're cursed and you're going to hell, waht a sorrowful life, me so sorry but when you will die you suffer, but why?. The other day I was Steam, I received a gift of a friend, it was Dead Island, the game received shitty reviews, but, hey, it's a gift, but that was an error, i downloaded the game, and after 9 hours the game started.

the tittle was wierd, becaus instead of dead uisland it said live island, i though it was a mod and steam was on innocent days and all that i pressed start and i created a new game, instead of the four default characters it was only one character and it was very similar to me, his name was the same and the story was the saME story as me, i slected it and the game didn't started with the video of how do you voodo bitch of sam b, it started without a video in room that it was exact sane looking as my bedroom, iut had the same computer teh same tv and the same bed.

i opened the door and a npc like my mom said with the same voice as her she said go to sleep is too late i tried to went out but she was blocking the dor so i get to sleep, 25 seconds after my character was with a chaisnaw in a room that looked like my fathers room, there was a bed in were 2 npcs exact loking as my fatherw ere sleping and the objective was kill your parents i tried to get out but the door was locked so i killed my fathers and hyper realistic blod geted out of them, hyper realistic sounds get out of my father rom and i checked my rom, they were dead and a chainsaw cutted the min half.

I grabbed a knife and went to all the rooms nothing was opened and there was nothing inside, i went to the game and the next mission was kill everybody here i was in a place like my vecindatry and my friends were running from my characters so i chansawed them, i hard screams from outside, the game was killing my friends, i tried to shut down my pc but i didn't did a shit so grabbed a hammer and i destroyed the pc but it didn't did a shit again.

a message appeared and said your soul belongs to satan.

now satan owes my soul and im very scary coz hes gonna come for me, dont play vifeogames or satan will have your soul, stay with the pure and good of jesus, im lost and damned but you cuould save yourself, dont play steam and get out with your friends and family, enjoiy your life and dont waste it like i did,

please. i wilkl die son.

aghhhhhhh, now im the crow of satan and i willl come for your soul, jajajajajajajajajajaajajdbasoñifubasodf youre next dsaiodjoasdna´{

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