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So, You know about YouTube? There are web shows on the site like Eddsworld, asdfmovie, etc, I made a web show called Matias's Life! These episodes are usually normal, funny and entertaining but there was one episode that wasn't very funny, normal or entertaining, Since Dead Bart was released I accidentally got inspired to make the lost episode of Matias's Life! There was another lost episode of Matias's Life that turned out to be an April Fools joke for some reason, but let's not get to release dates and to disturbing & unfunny "April Fools jokes" lets get started on the real episode..

I was at my sister's room, finding a charger for another camera when my other camera died, I found a USB drive and connected it on my macbook, and found a file called "DO NOT CLICK" I clicked on it and I found a file called "DEAD MAT" with 2 other files called "FOOTAGES" & "NOTES" I clicked on footages and saw a Matias's Life episode and I'll now get to that story:

The story begins with Matias getting kicked out in the ML HQ which the scene was remade in a later season in 2002 from season 4.

Matias was walking angry to get a new home while Tito and Jake went with him, then when they bought a house, Matias, Jake and Tito were eating dinner then Matias was erased from the background then a creepy image appeared then static appears and then there was darkness for about 1 or 2 minutes, after that the others were kinda like different and walked in the woods, meanwhile Matias and the others were watching TV and throwing a party, after that, the next day Matias and the others go outside and Matias jumps in a trampoline, several minutes later he twists his ankle and then falls to his terrifying death landing on the hard ground, Several hours later the crew went to Matias's funeral, then they sat in the rain for like days and days, they were shivering and cold, but then there was a title card that 2 years have passed, then Toronto was abandoned with trees dead and the CN tower was destroyed, nobody was there but the crew accept Simba and Jerry are missing. The city was a mess! They went to see Matias 2 years later then his body appeared with a letter saying "It's been 2 years, I really really hate you all, you guys are the reason why I died, so now your life is now ruined with nobody, good luck :)" the crew screams while there is tears in them, The music ends with the abandoned Toronto and then a jump scare appears with Japanese text saying "次に何が起こるかは、地獄の誰も知らない.." (Nobody in hell will know what will happen next..) the credits that has scary "handwritten" text appear and then, the video ends.

I couldn't believe wtf I just saw, but I found more files of footages and I'll explain more in a update and then I might break the USB drive..

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