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What if Frank West died while he was covering wars? what if a lost bullet of a soldier killed him? Well, you may think that Dead Rising 1 will never happen, but you're wrong, they will send another person to cover the zombie outbreak, but that person didn't covered wars, so he didn't know how to use a gun, so he couldn't rescue the survivors and everyone died because of the zombies.

But there's more, Dead Rising 1 happened in the mind of Frank West while he was dying, that means, that Dead Rising 1 was a dream, everything was a dream, Frank wanted to cover a zombie outbreak, but he died while he was covering wars.

What happens with Dead Rising 2 and 3 then? Well Dead Rising 2 is a dream of a biker that died in a car accident with his daughter, and Dead Rising 3 is a dream of a mechanic that died while playing Dead Rising 2 Case West, but there's even MORE, Frank, Chuck and Nick were real, but they all died.

How I know all this? Well, I'm the creator of Dead Rising.

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