Dead body at Disneyland

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I am college student (19F) who did 23 and me to see if I will get cancer! I did not get cancer but I did find out I am part french so I went to France on a birthright trip!!! Ok then I saw Paris Disneyland so I went and there was a cafe at to moro land so I went

Ok I order a late and I drank it and blood came out of mouth! I open latt and there is a ded man the size of a pupy in my cofey! J'ai yeeté le café dans les buissons! So den I order a tea and the barista is skeleton! I was like o no!

Then I met this person (18M) and he sed he was goin around Europe to go to the new Minecraft theme park in Sweden and some other theme parks and we became bros! So den we went to tivoli witch was lit tho we ht a deer on the way d'ère! We went to legoland in UK and someone turned into Dracula and stole bros blood (he got better)! We went to moomin world in Finland which was dope even tho cops pulled me over on the way there!! Den we finna made it to Minecraft land!

Ok I was takin a pic with Steve and a fuckin creeper blew up me and bro and bro died and went back in thyme to the minute I got my coffee and he landed in my late! I den woke up in hospital and the staff was all creeper!

Aw man

Credited to OfficerLollipop 

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