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It was Christmas

On that day, all the children and adults sat under the Christmas tree and opened their presents. The children got toys and sweets.

The Anderson family was no exception

Christmas was happy for the children of the family, except for Gina

Gina used to sit in a dirty, dilapidated attic every day and night while her stepfather and her half-siblings were downstairs in front of the fireplace enjoying the facilities.

Gina's stepfather hated her, as did Gina's half-sisters

Gina worked from morning till night doing homework and had to collect and cook

Of course, the rest of the people who shared the Anderson family with Gina actually gave the rest of their food to her.

Gina was a beautiful girl, she had brown hair and big brown eyes, her skin was like

It was white and soft just like spring flowers but the Anderson family

They had golden hair and red cheeks and blue eyes

Gina lost her mother at the age of 11 and lived with this family

A little half brother named Jackson

A little half-sister full of face and expression

And an older half-brother named Max, whom he hated, trapped Max Gina with false pretenses and caused her to be beaten.

And be deprived of dinner and games

But she was not deprived of anything ... she could go to a shabby public school to study there, that was the only positive possibility that Gina had.

One night, Gina was looking out of a window in the attic when the door suddenly opened with a loud bang.

Gina was the stepfather. Mr. Alexandra was one of the best merchants

He turned to Gina, gave scream a sigh, and said, "You touched my antique box!" You stole one of the necklaces!

Gina replied in fear: I swear ... I swear I was just cleaning it

The stepfather answers: Do not lie to me !!

Max himself told me that the pendant necklace was in your pocket, stupid girl

Gina says: But I did not touch ‌ ...

Suddenly, Mr. Alexandra puts Gina in a pocket of knitted clothes and pulls out the necklace.

Gina: But I ... I ... dont ..

A slap in the face comes before the little girl's words are over

-Stupid girl !!! How dare you tell me such a lie! You won't have dinner tonight either. Go downstairs early and do your homework

Gina goes downstairs to get things done. Meanwhile, she sees her older half-brother Max laughing at her. Gina yells:

-So this was your work ?? !!!

+ Yes, it was my work to enjoy putting you in pain

Gina goes and cooks at night when all the family members

They ate dinner and enjoyed

Gina was crouching in the attic again

When she is suddenly knocked on the door, Gina's half-sister Marie enters and puts her notebook and books on Gina's feet. Marie says: You are writing my homework for me.

Gina replies hesitantly: Okay, Marie

It was the only word he could utter

Gina's condition was getting worse by the day. The beatings and bruises were getting worse. It was all Max's fault for his stepfather's while Gina was doing the housework. She used to play when she was little

eight years have passed since then, and Gina is 19 years old, and her living conditions have not changed. She is taking an experimental course at the same public school. The nervous tension had caused Gina to become a carefree person, but she could not speak to her stepfather.

But one night Max goes to the attic and tells girl:

- I heard you are going to university

+ Yes, you heard right, Max, I'm going to university in New York, a big and beautiful city. Everything is ready for me to study.

-So when to clean the kitchen and the house

+ I did it before

Max smiles and says under his breath: ((Now we see who is going to New York))

And Max goes downstairs. He goes to his father's room and opens the box. The box was full of guns.

Max's eye looks on a weapon that can hurt Gina

Wolverine claw gloves shone at the bottom of the box. The Wolverine claw gloves

was very sharp and dangerous

Max whispers: (This is a good idea, just make Gina make a terrible mistake, a very big trouble)

He goes downstairs and faces his siblings

Max smiles and says, "Jackson and Marie, today is your day. You can do anything, break down the house and break things. Eat everything in the fridge and get dirty everywhere."

Jackson and Marie happily start playing and messing things up

Even Max breaks his father's expensive vase he bought from India to sabotage it

At 12 o'clock at night when Mr. Alexandra returns home. And the house is in disarray and pots

He sees the expensive broken

He shouts: ((What's going on here !!! What happened to the house !!! ????))

Max replies in a loose tone: "(Father, I can swear that Gina did these things. I and these two children did not do anything.")

Marie agrees with Max so that neither she nor her brothers will be punished

Mr. Alexandra responds angrily: ((which is how I make Gina a very painful punishment now, Max !!! Where are Wolverine's gloves ?? !!!))

And Max happily takes off his Wolverine gloves and walks behind his father to the attic.

Gina was sleeping in the attic, thinking about the good things that were going to happen to her

Gina education and her dreams

Who is suddenly knocked in the room

Mr. Alexandra shouts: ((So breaking up the house and breaking my vase was your work stupid !!!)))

Gina replied in fear: "No, I swear."

- Do not swear a lie !!!

+ I do not lie, I swear it was not my job!


Alexandra raises Wolverine and says: That's how ... New York ... you dream of New York

And suddenly the branches of Wolverine are drawn to Gina's eyes

A loud scream covers the whole house

Gina closes her right eye and speaks while her voice is full of pain: ((This ‌ ... what was it.

But Mr. Alexandra had gone downstairs

Max laughs and says, "See education in your dreams."

Gina was crying while covering her right eye with her hand so that she would not bleed. Tears were mixed with blood, but it gave a beautiful feeling to Gina. She liked the color and shape of the blood on her eye.

She wiped her eyes with a handkerchief and went to the mirror

she whispered: Hmmmmm, this scratch will remain

Max laughed as he came downstairs, happy that he was going to get Gina's education money

Gina heard the sound of these laughs and at the end she smiled and said: ((We will see))

In the middle of the night, all the members of the family were asleep. The moonlight had fallen on the house and it looked very beautiful

Gina says to herself: The only way to freedom is to destroy this nonsensical family ...

The hallway of the house was completely empty and only the ticking of the clock could be heard there.

Gina walks over to Marie and Jackson's room, who are counting their piggy banks to buy toys.

Gina says: ((Hmmm, so the toy ... and Max going to university instead of me, it was great, I know what to do))

Gina laughs wickedly and walks to her stepfather, who was asleep

Alexandra notices a sound but does not care and falls asleep again, holding a hand around his neck. he wakes up with a tremor.

He asks with anger and fear: ((What the hell are you doing?, stupid girl!!!))

Gina tightened her arms every moment and laughed out loud Gina answers: ((It is not time to sleep !!! Wake up !!

You should not sleep now))

Alexandra kicks Gina back

Gina is banged on the wall

Alexandra shouts and says: "Do you want to play ??? Okay, let's play, little girl") and a fist hits you like Gina

Gina laughs and looks at the gun on the closet shelf

she picks up the gun and says: ((Yes, I want to ... play))

she targets Alexandra with a gun and fires a bullet into her stepfather's brain

Marie and Jackson were frightened by the sound of gunfire and came upstairs to see what had happened. When they came across their father's body, they started screaming and crying. Blood had filled the floor.

Gina turns to the children, smiles scared and says: "(Mary ... now is not the time to sleep, you can stay awake with your brother, but I do not know what happened, your father fell asleep and slept, but he never wakes up again!!!! ))

Jackson begins to cry and punch his fists

Gina puts her hand in front of Jackson's mouth and says: ((Shut up !!))

she takes Jackson and Marie's hair and leads them to the attic, tying their hands and feet to the pole with a rope and saying, "You must stay awake! We're going to have a lot of fun !!")

Gina catches sight of children

+ Oh my God, this money is mine, this 10 thousand dollars !! ?? Yes, mine, I can own a good dress and you can have misery with that max !!!

And Gina leaves the house and after an hour returns home with a new look. She had her eye band removed and her eye sores visible. she wore a dark red and black scarf that was exactly the shape of her pantyhose around her neck and laughed.

The children looked at Gina in horror

Marie cries: ((This is so weird ... huh ... why did you make your lips black ??))

Gina replies: "I hate you all and I have resentment in my heart. Black is a sign of resentment and I also blackened my lips to tell you that my mouth and tongue are full of resentment and hatred."

Gina laughs mischievously and walks to Max's room, who was still asleep and had no news of what had happened.

she quietly opens Max in the room

The first sounds soft: ((max..maxie))

Max pulls the blanket over his head and tries to sleep again

Max whispers: ((I must have had an illusion))

Gina answers: ((Wake up !!! and see me !! See what you and your father made))

Max pushes aside the blanket, screams and tries to escape ... but his efforts are in vain because Gina grabs Max by the leg and hits him hard on the ground and kicks him in the head.

Max's eyes come out of the bowl and scream. Little children are frightened by Max's screaming and start crying.

Gina targets and shoots Max in the abdomen

"I ... I ... I'm sorry, please forgive me, let me live," Max said as he wept in pain and cried.

Gina answers: ((forgive ??? No, I will not forgive you and I will not forgive..Hey to see Maxi fall asleep ?? Now is not the time to sleep !!)

Max lost his life while crying and drowning in blood

Gina kills max ,and she getting to kitchen ...

After an hour she calls: ((Mary ... Jackson is ready to eat))

"This is a ... trap she wants ... she wants," Jackson says as hugs his sister.

Marie answers with a cry: ((Yes ... I know ...))

Gina comes upstairs with two bowls of soup and says kindly, "Oh my God, I forgot I locked you up."

The children look at the soup bowls

Marie says: ((What else is this ??? ... Why is this color ??))

Gina raises the spoon and says: ((Oh, this is your index finger, this is your liver, Max, and ...))

The children scream and cry in fear, but Gina did not give up. She was forcing the children to eat ... and finally the children died of poisoning.

Gina laughed and said: ((Wake up, children, it is not time to sleep))

she left the house with her gun and a pocket dagger

she walked towards the forest. At the bottom of the tall trees, a thick, luminous fog was filling.

Gina goes to the fog and gets lost in it

The following week, police raided the Anderson family home and found the decomposing corpses of family members, and the only clue police could find was blood on the room's glass cupboard.

It was written: Wake Up;)

Original author unknown

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