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Do you remember when I told you about those deleted Toy Story treats from 1996? There are similarities with Toy Story 2 interstitials.

If you’re not aware of what they are, Pixar animated Toy Story 2 interstitials for ABC in 2000 to make way for commercial breaks in the US.

They were even put on the “Made in Point Richmond” DVD. And a few of the interstitials were even reused for the 2005 Toy Story and Toy Story 2 DVDs.

This is not what I am discussing at the moment, I am discussing about awful animations I have seen.

It was a sunny afternoon and I was with my mom at a bakery. I paid for a cupcake and a caramel-flavored milk.

As I walked out of the bakery with her, I realized a box against a nearby pole. Once I picked it up, it read “only for the strong viewers".

That marking made me confused.

“What does it mean ‘only for the strong’?” I asked in my mind.

I had to go home before I open it.


When my mum and I got back home, I grabbed a pair scissors to cut the tape off the box. Once I opened up the box, it was a Toy Story 2 DVD.

Surprisingly enough, it was a collection of every single interstitial as shown on ABC.

The DVD depicted of Woody, Buzz, Potato Head and Jessie (who never appeared in any of the interstitials) in a starry wallpaper background. The DVD’s release date was even December 5th, 2001.

But on the opposite corner, there was a circle with a caption saying, “Includes Five Never-Before-Seen Interstitials!”

I was determined to watch it and add it to my DVD collection. I began to watch it on my portable DVD player.

The title card

It abruptly took me to a title card with the entire Toy Story 2 cast with a caption beneath them reading “Every Toy Story 2 Interstitial”.

“Oh, boy, this is where the fun begins.” I said, smiling.

I watched through every single interstitial starting with “Monday Night Football” and finishing with the Aliens Millionare Show interstitial.

Even though the interstitials were good to watch, those last five interstitials weren’t.

A warning screen then came upon the screen.

“The following five interstitials you are about to see are NOT, repeat not, eligible to be viewed by children with sensitive issues. Please watch if you have the courage too.”

“I have a bad feeling about this.” I said to myself.

The first interstitial started. It featured Mr and Mrs Potato Head on a metal bench in the dark. They were looking worried at something off-screen.

I didn’t know what they were looking at.

I can hear faint sizzling. Mr Potato Head began to whimper and said, “Well, it’s the end for us, honey.”

Mrs Potato Head held onto her husband and whimpered in fear.

“Sweetheart, I’m scared. We’re only toys, not food.”

At that moment, a human‘s hand was shown, holding a rolling pin. It then pushed both the Potato Heads into what appeared to be a deep fryer.

Once they fell in, Mr and Mrs Potato Head screamed as they were being fried in said fryer.

The screaming went on for fifteen seconds. I began to have lots of chills down my spine seeing that horrible scene. What am I seeing right now? What?

It then cut to that same pair of hands grabbing the fryer, draining all of the excess out, then shredding the Potato Head’s fried bodies and making them as French fries.

It then cut to a shot of a human’s mouth eating the Potato Heads and later smiling with glee before the ABC logo dropped down in a red background.

I was appalled. At least it wasn’t gory, but that interstitial was really terrifying for the realistic screams of the Potato Heads.

The second interstitial started.

It showed a shot of Jessie playing tag with an Alien and Bullseye.

Somehow, Jessie never appeared in the interstitials, but I was surprised to see her in this one.

“Tag! You’re it!” Jessie teased, as she tapped Bullseye on the rear, before blowing a raspberry at him and darting off.

The part where she blew a raspberry was similar to that scene from “The Powerpuff Girls Movie” where Blossom blew a raspberry at Bubbles after tagging her.

Bullseye then chased after Jessie and the alien.

Jessie evaded Bullseye around the room, dodging every move from him.

At that moment, Jessie climbed onto Andy’s desk to avoid him. At that moment, she noticed Bullseye was running up to her very fast.

Bullseye couldn’t stop running at the right moment he bumped into her, and the duo began falling out of the window.

The pair hit the ground. Jessie got back up, putting her hat back on.

At this moment, they heard growling. Jessie began to get scared.

“Bullseye, what is that?” Jessie asked in fear.

Bullseye then noticed rustling inside of a bush. The rustling was getting louder and louder until…

A white bull terrier lunged out of the bush – it was Sid’s Dog; Scud, from the first Toy Story movie.

Jessie gasped in shock seeing the vicious dog.

Scud then gnawed his teeth onto Bullseye and Jessie and began shaking his head around violently, attempting to chew them apart.

Jessie let out a loud and realistic blood-curdling scream as she was being mauled by Scud, while Bullseye brayed very loudly.

Jessie’s screaming continued as Scud dropped Bullseye, who had lost all four of his legs and head.

Just then, Scud threw Jessie against the wall.

Jessie without her arms

This scene shocked me; Jessie lost both of her arms.

“Oh, god. How horrible.” I whispered.

Jessie breathed and cried in fear as Scud sinisterly approached her. He then threw his head towards Jessie and bit her head off, destroying her.

At that moment, the ABC logo dropped down in a blue background.

I was utterly speechless with fright. I cannot believe Jessie just encountered Sid’s dog. I dropped my remote in shock with a dropped jaw. What kind of shit like this exists?

The third interstitial then began.

It showed Buzz Lightyear fighting Zurg on top of the elevator. After being hit in the face by three discs, Zurg became infuriated he proceeded to pick up Buzz by the neck to strangle him.

Buzz began to choke as Zurg was throttling him.

At this moment, Buzz’s suit began to slowly condense in red and black.

He pointed his laser at Zurg and shot half of his face off.

Zurg began to speak, but his voice box was distorted. “Lightyear, what happened to you?”

“You’re finished Zurg. You are finished.” Buzz (with the voice of Patrick Fraley) confronted, narrowing his eyes, pointing his laser at him.

Just then, Buzz shot Zurg again and he blew up into pieces as black-and-red lights illuminated around it.

Buzz then turned around and faced the audience, as his eyes glowed in a shade of dark red.

“You are watching ABC. We’ll be right back.”

The ABC logo dropped down again, but in green.

“What was that?” I questioned myself, demanding an answer.

It was awesome that Buzz finally defeated Zurg, but he turned to the dark side (no Star Wars reference intended).

The fourth interstitial then began. Only two more and this DVD will end.

It began with a shot of Andy’s desk at dusk. Woody then walked into the shot, looking confused and worried.

He picked up a Magic 8 Ball nearby and spoke into it, but with the voice of Jim Hanks.

“Will I go to Cowboy Camp this year?”

He shook the Magic 8 ball and when the regular icosahedron floated up, the answer read “No.” in Capitals.

“What?” Woody asked in shock and anger at the same time.

Just then, Sid's laughter was heard from the window. Woody stood up to look outside the window to check if he was outside.

Woody falling out of the window

At that moment, the Magical 8 ball rolled by itself and knocked the red lamp. The lamp swung clockwise and knocked Woody in the face, sending him falling out of the window (similar to how Buzz fell out of the window).

Woody let out the Howie long/Gut-Wrenching Scream as he fell (also similar to how Buzz let out the Wilhelm scream), before he hit the ground really hard.

He got back up on his feet and put his hat back on.

After four seconds, a human’s hand grabbed his boot and picked him up in the air upside down.

Sid talking to Woody

The human was no other than… Sid. From the first movie, but with the 1999 animation with a model similar to Andy’s.

“Hello, Cowboy.” Sid said, with a grin on his face.

“Sid?” Woody asked in shock. “Where the did you come from?”

“Long story. I followed your voice when I was walking home for dinner, I thought of a good plan to eliminate you and hijack Buzz Lightyear. Now since I didn’t perform it on ü, you and I are gonna have a cook out now!” Sid monologued, before letting out an evil laugh and pointing to a red grill, already grilling.

Woody gasped loudly and exclaimed, “WHAT?!”

Sid threw Woody to the grill and the latter began sizzling as his fabric and plastic melted.

Woody screamed in so much agony as he was getting burnt alive and destroyed, right before the ABC logo looking rusted and abandoned dropped down in an orange background.

“Dear God, what did I see?” I asked.

I could not believe that Sid appeared in this interstitial despite not appearing in Toy Story 2.

I had to sit through one more interstitial to end the DVD and nightmare already.

Buzz standing in Andy's room

The last interstitial began with Buzz standing in Andy’s room, facing the audience, grimacing.

In the background was a music box-like tune of “When She Loved Me”.

In the background, I could hear someone (not Sarah McLachlan) slowly singing a lyric sample of said song.

“Lonely and forgotten, never thought she looked my way. She smiled at me and held me… just like she used to do. Like she loved me… when she loved me…”

I found the singing voice to be beautiful, but I was already getting chills hearing that line and watching Buzz stare at me.

Once the singing was over, Buzz vanished from the shot.

I braced myself for a jumpscare, and apparently, there was.

Woody's jumpscare at the end of the DVD

After five seconds, an edited picture of Woody being dragged down the dustbin full of broken toys came up.

His skin was grey, his eyes were fully red, and he was sporting a wide anime-like grin, overlapped with the Howie/Gut-Wrenching Scream.

That screen scared the living crap out of me.
The caption at the end of the DVD

But a caption came up on screen and said, “Animated by Adam Kennington in 2000”.

“Kennington…” I growled. I knew that bastard made those terrible animations.

I told my mom about the DVD and showed her the evidence. The next day, we contacted Pixar about the DVD and they asked for it back so they can confiscate it.

We sent them back the DVD. I stayed up all night the next night.

Adam Kennington is a deranged sick man if you ask me.

I am officially appalled with his habits. He made missing THX trailers, deleted scenes of Pixar films and even messed up commercials.

Those interstitials came back to haunt me… every night…

Credited to Rohan Anthony Hordo 3.0 

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