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One day I was randomly looking at the weird part of YouTube. I then saw a video that caught my attention. The thumbnail showed a picture of Alison Gold with black eyes with a hellish tint to it. I curiously clicked on the video to see what it was. I shouldn't have done that. The video showed the same picture that was on the thumbnail, but something was off. 

The picture kept moving and flashing weird colors. That wasn't the weirdest part though. The audio for the video was the song "Chinese Food" and it kept slowing down as the video progressed. I pissed myself due to how scared I was. When the video was almost over, there was weird lines and stuff and something made me shit sticks.  

A hand came out of my computer screen and dragged me into the video. I am now forever trapped in the video and I can't get out. Please get me out...

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