Demons in us All

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There was this one time when my friend asked me how to animate. He was a fan of my animations and wanted to make something like the ones I make.

I showed him everything, including Flash, Keyframes, Timing, Walk Cycles, and even RIGGED CHARACTERS!

He was so happy that day.

The last thing I taught him on is how to get an idea. He said he liked the supernatural, so I helped him with his new script, but he told him to leave everything else to him once we got to Act 3.

What I noticed is that he was drawing with a drawing tablet. He said he got it for free from a shady dude. It has a screen and everything. But I said, "Drawing tablets are shit, you know that's gonna break it's cord in 1 year or the stylus will not work at all after 1 year!"

But he kept ignoring me, so I just let him do his thing.

Then, after 4 weeks, he finished the animation.

Took him long enough.

When he screened it with me, he told me that it was not made using puppets. I said OK, and he started it up.

What shocked me was this : A South Park-looking character was on-screen.

He was just talking with Eric Cartman about what he's scared of. Cartman said, "Demons are so scary, they come to me and scare me enough to shit my pants!"

The other character said, "Ok, let's see if that's true..."

This is when Act 2 starts, where the character explains how to beat him in a maze. But what for?!?

Then Act 3 started, and this is where it spooked me.

Then he sprouted a shadow-looking character out of his back, and it was saying weird things. In bad grammar.

Cartman went into the maze quickly after that.

Cartman reached the mid-point of the maze, but there were 2 doors.

One of them led to freedom and that was where he could finally beat the demon.

He was dumb enough to choose the red one, which actually took him to freedom, but that was cut short.

He started hearing music. The music kept going like this : "There's no escape from anxiety,

Nowhere to hide...

Nowhere to escape demons in us all..."

It repeats 8 times, with every time having a demon come an inch towards him, at first being 8 inches away.

Then it cuts to static, and I could make out a video in the static. It was the demon slicing open Cartman with his claws, eating his guts, and torturing his ghost in horrible scary ways, especially the one with the creepy voodoo doll that kept realistically screaming and stabbing Cartman and luring him into it's stuffing.

All this happens with blood.

The video ends, and the credits roll, with a blood-stained Comedy Central globe at the end.

I asked my friend what the fuck he was thinking, and he said, I'm your demon, sent to torture you.

I new something was up with his love for supernatural beings. Some fucked up shit, I know.

He then grew horns and demon wings, and flew off. Why is he a demon? I... I don't know how it happened. Maybe in the future, I can learn why he's like this.

Written by HomsarTheWeird
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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