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I LOVED the despicable me franchise, that is, until I found this certain copy of despicable me 2. I found it in the trash can behind my house. The DVD was labeled: DESPICABLE ME SEQUEL 2013. I grabbed it out of the trash and took it inside my house. I put it in my DVD player and it started playing. The beginning started with Agnes' birthday, after that, it showed Agnes going to sleep, just as the two other daughters did. Then the screen goes black. The next part had Agnes waking up before anyone else. She yawned and got out of her bed. She walked into the living room and sat on the couch. I was confused. This isn't the same movie that I saw in the theaters. I said to myself. But as confused as I was, I kept watching.

Agnes turned on the television and flipped through channels. She found some cartoons and watched. One of the minions came upstairs and took Agnes downstairs. When I saw the minion I laughed, but what happened after made me stop. The minion tied up Agnes and started yelling at her! He smacked Agnes and laughed. The other minions came around with all sorts of weapons to kill Agnes. I screamed at this point, but kept watching. They help a sign that said that they were going to kill everyone in the house, and kill anyone who witnessed it. They stabbed Agnes and it made her scream, waking up everyone else in the house. Gru peeked downstairs and saw Agnes bleeding and screaming. He ran down to help her, but the minions blew up his head. Suddenly, a evil purple minion came down and started devouring some of the minions. I SCREAMED loud and broke my DVD player because I was so scared.

I threw the DVD in the trash can. I was so, so scared. I think the DVD is still behind my house somewhere........

Credited to Conkerthesquirrel101

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