Do you know me

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"ITS WEEKEND!"I shouted.As I walk down the stairs.My father said "STOP! Do you remember we are going to my old cabin".I'm more exited this time.As I change my clothes,I saw one of my neighbour was waving me I wave goodbye to but the neighbour had a very creepy smile but I ignore it.After changing my clothes I went down the stairs and went inside the car.

After we arrived at the cabin.I looked at my watch it was 18.32.It was in a dark forest near a lake.I went inside the father shows me all the I went to my room.I was suprised there was a picture called The Smiley Jack.

I ignore the picture then I went to sleep.when I woke up I saw my clock was at 01.22.I was going to get a glass of milk when I saw a man with a white jacket with a creepy smile.I then was gone.I thought it was just a memory.As I walk downstairs.I saw my father was stabbed.I was completly scared.Then I hear "Do you know me".I'm to scared to look back but I have to.When I look back there is nothing and I saw my father's body was gone.As I walked father was still sleeping.

The next day I found a dairy.What I found that the smiley jack came out from a dark building or house.they can be found at old houses,forest,lake and a dark place.

After the final I gone car was out of my father was filling gas.I saw that smile.that horrifying was smiley jack saying do you know me.he was completly fast and stab my father.then I try to shoot him but he was to fast.he slashes me.

Next day


A father and a child was found dead.they were killed by a man with jacket with no eyeballs just a smile.

"I wanted you to know that almost all the story are true.Everyday of my life I see weird things like gaming horror or whatever like that.I thank the people who press like to my stories.May god bless you. "

Credited to Firefix

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