Don't Eat the Sponge Cake!

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"Mmmm....sponge cake!" said Katrina. Her mother had left it on the counter right before she went to work that morning. Katrina knew that her mother had strictly forbidden for her to have any of it, but she thought one little taste wouldn't hurt.

As she got out the knife to cut herself a slice of cake, she wondered why she had the bad feeling something awful was going to happen. Like that time when her father went on that business trip, and she had that feeling. She broke her leg while her father was away! But she figured as long as she was careful with the knife, nothing drastic would happen. Right?

She cut just a little bit into the cake when she felt something hit her on the back of her neck!

"Hey!" she said, twirling around. But no one was there. Shrugging, she turned back to the cake to find that someone was blocking her way! The person was draped in a black cloth, but Katrina could see it's eyes. They were blood red, and shone through the strange cloth.

"What the heck?!" sputtered Katrina. The figure in black said nothing.

"Who... what... are you?" demanded Katrina.

The thing (as Katrina referred to it) slowly walked towards her. It got out a strange utensil. Was it a knife? It sure didn't look like anything Katrina had ever seen! The last thing Katrina heard was this:

"For generations, the cake has been slaughtered by the humans. Now, the cake will slaughter the humans!!!"


Hours later, when Katrina's mother got home from work, she came home to a gruesome sight. What remained of Katrina's body was severely chopped up. Blood and internal organs were EVERYWHERE. And on the wall, a chilling message was written in blood. It said:


Kids, never eat a cake without adult supervision.

Credited to Pokemonrox111 

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